372 Clontarf Road  -  4 minute AVI file 4.5 Megs

 I accuse Mr B. Ahern AND his Government with COMPLICITY in the following......

                                              Mr Charles J Haughey , and his bankers..... GUINNESS & MAHON LTD

                               .00  Mr Desmond Traynor , formerly an articled accountant  to Mr Charles Haughey in the firm of HAUGHEY BOLAND
                                      accountants , Dublin becomes a director of GUINNESS & MAHON LTD , bankers.                                                            GLN.p141

                               .00  ( Mr Desmond Traynor , became )....deputy-chairman ( of  GUINNESS & MAHON LTD ) in 1976. On reaching this
                                      position he was able to create the ANSBACHER DEPOSITS , through which he operated bogus ' offshore ' accounts for
                                      members of the Golden Circle , including Haughey.                                                                                                                 GLN.p141

                               .00  In Haughey's principal resident account ( in GUINNESS & MAHON LTD )a total of £1,245,530.91 was deposited between
                                      Feburary 1979 and May 1987  ,  when the account was closed.                                                                                               SF.p.313

                               .00  In 1981 £74,996.83 was credited to a loan account in Haughey's name.                                                                                    SF.p.313

   August                 .05  On the 5th. of August 1981 , Mr. Raymond Michael Curran  , of :

17 Ard Na Mara Crescent  ,
Malahide ,
Co. Dublin ,
Tel :  01 845 1257
                                      was appointed Secretary  of Strongbow Trust Limited [ C.R.O. Comp no. 065808 ] , his first appointment within  the
                                      Jefferson Smurfit Group plc.

   November           .00  There was also a further loan account taken out in the joint names of Haughey and his former business partner Harry Boland.
                                     This account which was opened in November 1981  ,  had a total of  £229,756.82 deposited in it before it was closed  ,
                                     in September 1984.

                                      { Harry Boland denied any knowledge of this account  }                                                                                                           SF.p.313

   January                .29  A £50,000 draft made payable to ' H. Boland '  had been drawn on the account on 29 January 1982.

   March                  .09  On Tuesday , 9th March 1982 . Mr Charles J Haughey , leader of Fianna Fail was elected Prime Minister of Eire
                                      ( Southern Ireland or the '  Republic  '  ) by 86 votes to 79.

   April                    .00  Margaret Murphy's structurally-sound cottage , at 373 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 was demolished by the DUBLIN CORP-
                                   ORATION - when Mr Raphael Burke was Minister for the Environment under Prime Minister Mr Charles J Haughey.
                                      ( Margaret Murphy died in December 1976 - HER WILL has NEVER BEEN taken to Probate  ! )

                                      Mr Joseph Burke of 134 Pinebrook Road , Artane , Dublin 5 was a director/shareholder in  :
                                                                          G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED
                                      Mr Alan Costello , ex-detective/used-car dealer was also a director................
                                      Mr Howard Kilroy - later to be made Governor of the BANK OF IRELAND LTD - was a director of STRONGBOW
                                      TRUST LTD (later renamed SMURFIT FINANCE LTD , and owner of THREE Charges , AFTER the Feburary 1990
                                      Debenture mentioned later , over G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED...)

                                         {  Around this time Mr Don  Maguire - the eldest son of Mr William Maguire( owner of 372 Clontarf Road  , Dublin 3 )
                                             -  suddenly becomes very popular with the local Fianna Fail party activists , and is invited to many functions  ;
                                             in particular , by a local solicitor  ;  Mr Thomas Loomes of Dollymount Avenue -  where the late Mr Oscar Traynor ,
                                             a former Minister for Justice under the late Prime Minister , Mr Sean Lemass, used to live.
                                             Mr Lemass , being Mr Charles Haughey's father-in-law and also being responsible for Mr Haughey's first
                                             appointment - as Parliamentary Secretary to Minister for Justice , Oscar Traynor , in May , 1961.
                                             Mr Charles Haughey - rather  ' generously  ' - even invited Mr Maguire's son to a party celebrating his great
                                             victory in the recent election  !    }

   December            .14  On Tuesday , 14th December 1982 , Mr Garrett FitzGerald is elected Prime Minister as head of a Fine Gael / Labour
                                      coalition government , after several votes of no con fidence in Mr Charles  J Haughey , and his government !

   April                    .00  Mr. Ray Burke , of ' Briargate ' , Malahide Road, Swords , was Minister for the Environment from 1980 - 1982 when Dublin
                                      Corporation demolished( and Photo 2)no:

373 Clontarf Road ,
Dublin 3.,
Eire  ,
        in 1982 without ANY NOTICE or WARNING of their INTENTIONS to the neighbouring owner , Mr William
        Maguire  , of 372 Clontarf Road !!!

                                      As a consequence of this PRE-EMPTIVE action on the part of the Dublin Corporation the gable wall of 372 Clontarf Road ,
                                      which had been adjacent to the cottage on 373 Clontarf Road and demolished on the orders of Mr. John Murphy of the
                                      Dublin Corporation , became exposed to the elements and led to rising  dampness in no 372 Clontarf Road.
                                      In addition , the natural buttressing of no. 372 was weakened since the common party gable wall shared 373 clontarf Road
                                      was partly demolished by the DUBLIN CORPORATION .

   December            .14  On Tuesday , 14th December 1982 , Mr Garrett FitzGerald is elected Prime Minister as head of a Fine Gael / Labour
                                      coalition government , after several votes of  "no con fidence "  in Mr Charles  J Haughey , and his government !

   May                     .00  A second resident current account opened in May 1983 was closed the folowing January after a total of £211,344.50 had been
                                      ' lodged ...'  in it.                                                                                                                                                                       SF.p.313

                                      In May , 1983 ,  P.V. Doyle , hotelier , authorised the transfer of £40,000 to Haughey from one of his accounts.
                                      The following month he authorised a further £50,000.
                                      Doyle actually took out a loan for Haughey at GUINNESS & MAHON bank in 1983  , and  , another one in 1985...
                                      In effect he was guaranteeing loans which amounted to £170,000 in total.

   January                .24  By a Special Resolution of the Company and with the approval of the Minister for Industry , Trade , Commerce and
                                     Tourism  , Strongbow Trust Limited changed its name to Smurfit Finance Limited on the 24 th.of January 1984.

   September           .00  In September 1984 , when the account in the joint names of Haughey and Boland was closed down Haughey obtained a
                                      £90,000 loan from the Agricultural Credit Corporation for the purposes of purchasing brood mares and cattle.
                                      When the time came for him to repay the loan the following August  , Haughey called John Hickey , the chief executive of the
                                      ACC.                                                                                                                                                                                       SF.p.314

                                      It is not possible to determine the total amount of money deposited in the various accounts because there were instances in
                                      which money was moved from one account to another , which led to duplication.
                                      It is even more difficult to determine WHO PROVIDED THE MONEY for the lodgements...

                                      GUINNESS & MAHON bank should have had microfiche records of its transactions  , but these mysteriously...

                                      Records at the BANK OF IRELAND - from where much of the money was transferred , through the account of AMIENS
                                      SECURITIES LTD - were kept for the statutory period ,... and were then destroyed...

   April                    .03 The credit committee of GUINNESS & MAHON also authorised a personal  , unsecured credit facility of £200,000 for Haughey
                                     on 3rd April 1985 ,  but  , unsurprisingly , the Fianna Fail leader exceeded even that ...                                                               SF.p.315

   July                      .12  Mr Don Maguire is drowned off the Bull Island.
                                      {  Later , Mr Charles J Haughey , from the purest of motives , no doubt ..., sent a touching letter of condolences , to Mr
                                          William Maguire ...!!! }

                               .00  In 1986 Des Traynor had left as Managing Director of GUINNESS & MAHON BANK LTD to take up the position
                                      of  Chairman of Cement Roadstone Holdings....Traynor moved Haughey's account to a subsidiary ...:

                                                                              ANSBACHER CAYMAN                                                                                                              SF.p.324

                                      £186,630 was given to Traynor by Noel fox { auditor to DUNNES STORES }, while the other , for £205,000 was made
                                      payable to John Furze , a director of the ANSBACHER CAYMAN BANK.
                                      The following July Dunne was again approached through Fox , and he provided a cheque for £471,000 and another
                                      £150,000 in April 1989.
                                      Thus in two years Haughey received over £3.11 million from Dunne...
                                      Jim Mitchell  T.D.  , the Chairman of the Dail ( Parliament )  public accounts committee , subsequently contended that the
                                      ANSBACHER CAYMAN accounts were used to launder money.....                                                                                       SF.p.325

   January                .20  On 20 th January 1987 , when Garret Fitzgerald resigned  and called a general election , Haughey owed GUINNESS &
                                      MAHON £280,000.

                                      As the general-election campaign got under way , six cheques from Dunnes Stores , totalling £32,000 , were lodged at
                                      GUINNESS & MAHON for Haughey's benefit.

   March                  .10  On Tuesday , the 10th of March 1987 , Mr Charles J Haughey is (s)elected Prime Minister of Eire.

                                      Haughey appointed .......the other mini sters who were  :
                                      Ray McSharry , Finance and Public Service  ; director / shareholder in Jefferson Smurfit Group PLC...
                                      Michael  Woods , Social Welfare ;
                                      Albert Reynolds , Industry and Commerce ; director of Jefferson Smurfit Group PLC...
                                      Ray Burke , Energy  ; responsible for the demolition of 373 Clontarf Road , resigned 7th October 1997 (4$'s) over corruption...
                                      Padraig Flynn , Environment ; responsible for the Derelict Sites Act , 1990 , resigned from the EC in 1999 over corruption...
                                      Mr B Ahern , Labour ; accused , in May 1999 ,  of receiving corrupt payments(£50,000) , at the FLOOD TRIBUNAL of enquiry...
                                      Rory O'Hanlon , Health ;
                                      ... and John ( Loyola ) Murray ,  Attorney-General , used by Mr B Ahern to replace Supreme Court Judge Hugh
                                          O'Flaherty , who resigned over corruption :  involving a case in which a pregnant woman was killed by a drunken
                                          Planning Official from Dublin Corporation - the honourable O'Flaherty released the Dublin Corporation official early...            SF.p.321

                                     (4$'s).......the day AFTER the so-called  " COLLAPSE " ... of 372A Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 , on Monday ,
                                                                                                                                                                    the 6th. of October 1997...

   June                     .14  On the 14th of  June 1989 , businessman Mr Michael Smurfit of the JEFFERSON SMURFIT GROUP , the ultimate
                                      holding company of SMURFIT FINANCE LTD - the owners of the last three Charges of the Dublin Corporation's
                                      favoured developers ...G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED - after being solicited by Mr Charles Haughey , leader
                                      of the Fianna Fail opposition party , for money(for the party...) ; authorised the transfer of the sterling equivalent of
                                      IR£60,000 from the JOHN JEFFERSON SMURFIT MONEGASQUE FOUNDATION to to a sterling account
                                      at HENRY ANSBACHER and Co.,... in LONDON...

                                      ..."...the same account through which very substantial sums of money appear to have been paid by Ben Dunne and
                                             Dermot Desmond for the benefit of Charles Haughey.
                                             The businessman said with the passage of time it was difficult to recall what occured in regard to the donation
                                             made by by the JOHN JEFFERSON SMURFIT MONEGASQUE FOUNDATION to Fianna Fail in 1989.
                                             Mr Smurfit said he had not yet had an opportunity to inspect the files of the foundation and would make them
                                             available to the tribunal as soon as he had them.
                                             He believed the donation was solicited by Charles Haughey who requested him to deal with Des Traynor with
                                             regard to the payment details.                                                                                                                         ..."...
                                      [ " Haughey ' solicited ' a £60,000 donation from me , Smurfit says ", Irish Independent , Wednesday June 28th,
                                                                                                                                                                2000 , page 11 ; Moriarty Tribunal  ]

                                      ..."...  In the course of his evidence , a relaxed-looking Dr Smurfit explained how Charlie contacted him looking for
                                               a donation for the party and asked him to deal with Des Traynor , and further explained how documentation
                                               from Monaco had been delayed because of the French air traffic con trollers' strike on Monday.
                                               The witness was thanked and asked to stand down.                                                                                      ..."...
                                      [ " Was there a doctor in the house?  Well, not for more than a few minutes ", Miriam Lord ,Irish Independent , Wednesday
                                                                                                                                                  June 28th ,2000 , page 11;Moriarty Tribunal  ]

                                      ..."...A Former Fianna Fail fundraiser said yesterday that he did not instruct property developer Mark Kavanagh about
                                             any arrangements to hand over £100,000 to Charles Haughey .
                                            ...Mr (Paul) Kavanagh insisted he did not have involvement with Des Traynor in relation to party fundraising
                                            and he never received contributions through Mr Traynor from businessman Michael Smurfit.                             ..."...

   June                      .15  On the 15th of June 1989 , polling day in the 1989 General Elections in Eire , Mr Charles Haughey received money from
                                       Mr Mark Kavanagh , property developer , at Haughey's home in Kinsealey , North Dublin , via Mr Kavanagh's company
                                   CUSTOM HOUSE DOCKS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD .       Mr Kavanagh paid a total of £100,000 to
                                       Mr Haughey's Fianna Fail party in June 1989 , of which £75,000 ..."...ended up in accounts used for the benefit of ..."
                                       Mr Charles Haughey.       Mr Kavanagh made out one cheque to Fianna Fail for £25,000 ..."...but in addition three seperate
                                       bank drafts payable to the bearer, in effect cash." ( £75,000).
                                          Mr Sean Fleming , Fianna Fail member of parliament and Finance Director of  Fianna Fail was asked by Mr Haughey to
                                       record the £25,000 cheque from Mr Kavanagh ,  made out to Fianna Fail as ..."...anonymous...." in the party's books.
                                       ..."...A number of donations were recorded as " anonymous " , including another £50,000 which  Mr Haughey told him
                                              had come from leading businessman , Michael Smurfit.                                                                                          ..."...
                                      [ Brian Dowling , Irish Independent , Wednesday June 28th , 2000 , page 1 ; Moriarty Tribunal ]

   July                      .12  On Wednesday , the 12th July 1989 ,  Mr Charles Haughey is re-elected Prime Minister of Eire.
                                      Haughey re-appointed half the outgoing cabinet to the same positions  :

                                      ( Albert ) Reynolds at Finance ,
                                      ( B ) Ahern at Labour ,
                                      (Padraig) Flynn at Environment ,
                                      ( Rory ) O' Hanlon at Health ,
                                      (  Michael ) Woods at Social Welfare ... ..;
                                      John ( Loyola ) Murray was re-appointed Attorney-General
                                      Justice by Ray Burke....( very bad Oirish joke....)                                                                                                                      SF.p.363

                                      A British-based property developer stated publicly that he had given £50,000 to Padraig Flynn for Fianna Fail in 1989.
                                      These issues which are still being debated by one tribunal or another  , STILL...remain to be explained (FLOOD)                       SF.p.450

                               .00  Irish Life Assurance Company was established in 1939 with the amalgamation of a number of Irish and BRITISH Life
                                      Assurance companies.   Through this and subsequent RESTRUCTURING the Minister for FINANCE acquired a 90%
                                      stake( through the heart ...!!!??? ) in the company.
                                      In 1990 the company was RESTRUCTURED with the creation of Irish Life plc as the Holding Company...
                                     Mr B Ahern was Minister for Finance at the time.

   Feburary              .05  On the 5th. of Feburary 1990  , while Mr Charles Haughey was Prime Minister of Eire  , and Mr B Ahern was his chosen
                                      Minister for Finance  , a Debenture Charge was created by...
                                       ...G. Saunders & Company Limited on premises described  in an Indenture of Lease dated 15th. of December 1989……:

                                      The said Debenture Charge , dated Monday ,the 5th. of Feburary 1990  , was registered on Thursday , the 8th. of
                                      Feburary  1990 - in the Companies Registration Office , Dublin  -  against -

                                      G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY [ Company Reg. no.034654  ] by  :

Richard J. Black , solicitor , of

Richard J. Black & Co. , solicitors  ,
Kinnear Court  ,
16 /20 Cumberland Street , South ,
Dublin 2

                                                                Date and description of the instrument creating or evidencing the charge

                                      ..." The Debenture provides that the Company shall not be at liberty to create any Mortgage of Charge in priority to or pari
                                            passu herewith.
                                           The Debenture further provides that the Company shall not without the PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE BANK
                                            create a SECOND or SUBSEQUENT MORTGAGE of Charge of any freehold or leasehold property charged by the
                                            Debenture or sell , assign  or otherwise dispose of any book debts or other receivables in favour of any other person.      "...

                                                                                              Amount secured by the charge

                                       ..." All sums now due or hereafter to become due from the Company to the Bank in any manner whatsoever. "...

                                                           Names . addresses and occupations of the persons entitled to the charge.

17 College Green  ,
Dublin 2  ,
                                                                                   Short particulars of the property charged

                                      ..." The Company's undertaking and ALL its PROPERTY and ASSETS whatsoever and wheresoever both present and
                                            future including its uncalled capital for the time being and goodwill incorporating a specific charge on the premises set
                                            out below as well as all present and future proceeds of insurance receivable by the Company goodwill , uncalled
                                            capital and all estate or interest legal or equitable in all other freehold and leasehold property , all profits a prendre
                                            casements ,  rights of way ,  rights under covenants  ,  agreements  ,  undertakings and indemnities and rights to
                                            compensation  ,  statutory or otherwise  , attaching thereto which shall at any time in the future during the con-
                                            tinuance of the security created by the Debenture become vested in the Company.                                                    "...

                                      The following premises were specifically referred to  : -

                                      ALL THAT AND THOSE the premises described in an Indenture of Lease dated the 15th day of December 1989 and
                                      made between the Right Honourable The Lord Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of Dublin of the One Part and the
                                      Company of the Other Part and therein described as  :

                                      ..." ALL THAT AND THOSE part of the estate of the Corporation being plot of ground situate at Coolock Industrial E-
                                           state in the County of Dublin as more particularly delineated on the Map annexed hereto and thereon coloured pink
                                           and surrounded by a red verge line.                                                                                                                           "...

                                      The signature of the applicant for registration Mr Richard J Black , solicitor for GUINNESS & MAHON bank ,
                                      was not verified

Richard J. Black & Co., solicitors ,
Kinnear Court ,
16/20 Cumberland Street  South ,
Dublin 2. ,
                  for  “ All sums now due..” to    :
Guinness & Mahon Limited ,
17 College Green ,
Dublin 2.
[ C.R.O. Company  no. 034654 ,
 Doc. Seq.  no. 280364 ].
                                      Mr. Black now practises at     :
' Ashford House ' ,
Tara Street ,
Dublin 2. ,
Tel  :   671 4677  ,
Fax :   671 8175  ,
Clonsilla Road ,
Clonsilla  ,
Dublin 15. ,
Tel  :   820 6777 ,
Fax :   820 7071 ,
                                      This was around the same time that John Flynn obtained planning permission for 4 houses on a site to the rear of
                                      370-371 Clontarf Road, ( i.e.the site ..."o the rear of 370F Clontarf Road)
                                      This is now the site of the  apartment block “A”1 of [ Plan Ref. No 1306/96.]

   June                     .27  Mr. Padraig Flynn was the Minister for the Environment when the Derelict Sites Act , 27th. June 1990(no. 14 of 1990)
                                      was passed by the Fianna Fail / Progressive Democrat coalition , under the Prime Minister of Eire , Mr Charles Haughey !.

   July                       .25 On the 25th. of July 1990, Mr Padraic Flynn , Minister for the Environment under Mr Charles Haughey  , signed the Derelict
                                      Sites Regulations .  [  S.I.(Statutory Instrument ) 192 of 1990  ]

                                        { Mr. Flynn later resigned from the European Commission amidst allegations of corruption   !! }

   June                     .10  Mr William Maguire , the owner of 372 Clontarf  Road , Dublin 3 ( since 14th November 1954  ) dies.
   July                      .00  Irish Life PLC , the RESTRUCTURED holding company created in 1990 , while Mr B. Ahern was Minister for Finance
                                      under Mr Charles J. Haughey was publically listed on the  Irish and London Stock Exchanges.
                                      On listing the Minister for FINANCE , Mr B Ahern DISPOSED of 57% of the company's stock with the balance of the
                                      holding being disposed of by 1995.

                                      The Minister for Finance retained a Special Share to which certain rights attached BUT this was CANCELLED in
                                      December 1998. ( 1€ )


   December             .04 On the 4th. of December 1991, the new Minister of the Environment Mr. Rory 0' Hanlon, signed the Building Control
                                      Regulations (S.I.305 of 1991 ),  which , under Part 1 , Section 4(a) exclude Dublin Corporation ( or their agents... ) from
                                      compliance with the( said) regulations....(sic !)

   September           .00  Greecore PLC scandal  ' came to light at the beginning of September 1991 ...'...                                                                        SF.p.399

   December            .04  On the 4th of December 1991 , Mr. Rory O'Hanlon (Fianna Fail member of Parliament in the Fianna Fail/Progressive
                                      Democrat Government "led" by Mr. Charles Haughey) ,the ' new ' Minister for the Environment , signed the...
                                      BUILDING CONTROL REGULATIONS [ S.I. 305 of 1991 ] , which , under Part 1, Section 4(a) ,
                                                                                   EXCLUDES DUBLIN CORPORATION (OR THEIR AGENT/S...)
                                                                                   FROM COMPLIANCE WITH THEIR OWN REGULATIONS...(sic!)

   January                .00  Sean Doherty would suggest that OTHER MEMBERS of the CABINET had KNOWN ABOUT  the ILLEGAL
                                      TAPPING of Geraldine Kennedy's and Bruce Arnold's telephone in 1982 Mr Charles Haughey                                        SF.p.425

   January                 .24  On the 24th. of January 1992 Mr. Raymond Michael Curran was appointed a Director of Smurfit International B.V. , the
                                      Principal International Holding Company of the Group [incorporated in the Netherlands ; comp no. 149.443 ].

                                      In the Annual Report for the year ended 31st. of January 1991 the address of Smurfit International B.V. is given as :

Rokin 92/96  ,
1012KZ ,
Amsterdam  ,
Netherlands ( 100% Holding ).
                                      In the most recent annual report for the Jefferson Group ( 1996 ) the address is given as  :
Stibbetoren  ,
Strawinskylaan 200/
1077 ZZ ,
Amsterdam ,
   Feburary              .05  On the 5th. of Feburary 1992, Mr. Raymond Michael Curran resigned from Smurfit Finance Limited.

   Feburary              .11  On Tuesday , 11th Feburary 1992 , Mr Albert Reynolds , is elected Prime Minister of  Eire ; after Mr Charles J Haughey
                                      resigns over bugging his fellow minister's phones , and also the journalists ,Mr Bruce Arnold and Ms Geraldine Kennedy...
                                      amongst others...

   April                    .27  On the 27th of April 1992 , Mr Felim Meade , solicitor , of :

Flat 5/7 ,
York Road ,
Dun Laoghaire ,
Co. Dublin
                                      Mr Meade , senior partner in the firm of solicitors representing  ELF Exploration ( Ireland ) Ltd   :
O'Connell Rooney & Co. , solicitors ,
34 Kildare Street ,
Dublin 2
{  One of the long-dead former neighbours being Bram Stoker ,
author of  ' Dracula ' ...
                                      and also the ONLY Irish director of ELF Exploration ( Ireland ) Ltd , whose Annual Return  [ Comp. no. 45369
                                      Doc. Seq. no 23 ]  , made up to the 12th of January 1996 gives a registered office at :
' Gardner House ' ,
Wilton Place ,
Dublin 2
( the offices of its auditor , Craig Gardner & Co. Ltd )
   September           .10  On the 10th. of September 1992 , the new Minister of the Environment ,  Mr. Michael Smith , under Mr Charles
                                      Haughey's suc cessor and new Prime Minister( in the Fianna Fail/Progressive Democrat coalition Government of Eire ),
                                      Mr. Al Bert Reynolds (1sheet) , gave his "con sent "... to
                                      the compulsorily acquisition of no. 373 Clontarf Road by Dublin Corporation ( to Vest on the 21st. October 1992 ) in
                                      a Vesting Order dated 10th September1992 under the Derelict Sites Act 1990...


                                      BY INSTRUMENT 92DN22207

                                      1sheet..................................Mr Al Bert Reynolds , dog-food manufacturer , is later ' made ' a director of Jefferson Smurfit
                                                                                  Group PLC

                                      BY INSTRUMENT 92DN22207 ( the Vesting Instrument Number ) under powers con ferred
                                      on him by Mr Charles Haughey's DERELICT SITES ACT , 1990

                                     {formerly 373 Clontarf Road ,   ;..a SINGLE-STOREY COTTAGE owned by Ms. Margaret Murphy ,
                                                    Dublin 3                        and demolished by DUBLIN CORPORATION in 1982 - when Mr.
                                                                                        Raphael Burke(Fianna Fail member of Parliament in the
                                                                                        Fianna Fail Government"led" by Mr. Charles Haughey)was
                                                                                        the ...Minister for the Environment..  }

                                                                           AND ALSO ............................................

                           {  STEALING FROM THE this case , Ms Margaret Murphy , her heirs and asssigns;
                               take on a NEW FORM  ,henceforth ,from this LEGAL PRECEDENT........................................      }

   September           .10  On the same day ( 10th of September 1992 ) , a Mr. Lonan Hickey  , a carpet-seller of :

11 Church Avenue ,
Drumcondra ,
Dublin 9
                                      ( 7 doors up from John Traynor and 7 doors down from Julia AHERN )
                                      signed a Lease on the ground-floor shop at 372 Clontarf Road  , Dublin 3...for 2 years 6 months...

                                      Mr. John O'Connor , solicitor , of  :

168 Pembroke Road ,
Ballsbridge ,
Dublin 4

                                      acted for the (then) owner Mrs. N. Maguire.

                                      He, Mr Lonan Hickey ,  left hurriedly some 6 months later , without giving any notice and in arrears with the rent ,
                                      breaching the Terms of his Lease - later claiming his “accountant-backers” had withdrawn their ' support ' for his ...
                                      ' carpet-selling... business... venture......'.in the ground-floor shop at 372 Clontarf Road ...

                                      John O' Connor took no action over this matter...

   March                  .11  On the 11th. of March 1993 , no. 373 Clontarf Road – formerly the home of the late Margaret Murphy(++) and target of the
                                      said Vesting Order of the 10th. of September 1992 - was registered in the Land Registry  at  :

‘ Setanta House ‘ ,
Nassau Street  ,
Dublin 2
                                      given the VESTING...............  INSTRUMENT NUMBER   :   92DN22297 ,   and then
                                      given the REGISTRATION... INSTRUMENT  NUMBER  : 93DN022297  .

                                      A rather strange reference to … certain …‘ DEALSPENDING ‘…was included in the LAND REGISTRATION
                                      CERTIFICATE of Margaret Murphy’s recently VESTED land  in the LAND REGISTRY :

                                      {   DEALS PENDING :   97DN19506  {see REG MAP PLAN : 5 ; DIVISION : 19 ; BOOK NO : 11  }

                                      ++............373 Clontarf Road ,   ;..a SINGLE-STOREY COTTAGE owned by Ms. Margaret Murphy , Dublin 3
                                                      - whose father ,  James Murphy , a builder of Rutland Place , VERNON Avenue had sub-let it from
                                                      George Gresham in 1868 - and (which was)demolished by the DUBLIN CORPORATION in 1982
                                                      ( when Mr. Raphael Burke(Fianna Fail member of Parliament in the Fianna Fail Government ' led ' by
                                                      Mr. Charles Haughey) was the ...Minister for the Environment..

                                      Miss Mary Harney , now vice-taoiseach , or deputy prime-minister under Mr B. Ahern was a JUNIOR Minister in the
                                      Department of the Environment at this time...

   May                     .18  On the 18th. of May , 1993  a Mr. Alan Costello , ex-detective / used-car dealer then of :

56 ' Hampton Court ...',
Clontarf ,
Dublin 3.
                                      signed a guarantee for his daughter’s tenancy of no. 372 Clontarf Road - con veniently left vacant the( elusive )
                                      Mr.Lonan Hickey’s ' sudden ' ...departure several weeks earlier ……………..

                                      Mr.  Alan Costello - EVEN BEFORE  he had obtained the Lease on the shop at 372 Clontarf Road ,  for his daughter's ...
                                      hairdressing business..... -  had made  enquiries about the site at 373 Clontarf Road ( VESTED in the DUBLIN
                                     CORPORATION since the 21st. of October 1992 ) and then asked whether the shop at 372 Clontarf Road  was
                                     up for sale !!!!!!!
                                     When told that it was not for sale , he then demanded to inspect the outside w.c. of no. 372 and later installed an indoor
                                     w.c. in the shop with a drainage connection ( overland ) via 373 Clontarf Road (the structurally-sound , single-storey
                                     cottage - and its OUTSIDE W.C.-  on the site ,owned by the late Margaret Murphy ,  having been demolished .....
                            the Dublin Corporation in 1982.......... ).

   June                      .30  On the 30th. of June 1993, the new Minister for the Environment Mr. Michael Smith signed the Local Government
                                       Act...,1991( REMOVAL of control) Regulations , 1993 [ S..I. 172 of 1993 ], removing the requirement whereby Dublin
                                       Corporation must be given Ministerial  "con sent ” for the acquisition and disposal of land under the Derelict Sites
                                       Act ...of 1990.

   July                       .15  On the 15th. of July 1993 aCharge was created by G. Saunders & Company Limited [C.R.O. Comp. no.
                                       Doc Seq.     ]  on two separate sites – BOTH the PROPERTY OF the DUBLIN CORPORATION - one being...

" ................the plot of ground situate at Coolock Industrial Estate...
                    attached to Lease dated the 15th . of December  1989
                     and made between Dublin Corporation AND G. Saunders
                                           & Company Limited ...................................................................... "   ,

AND , the OTHER SITE being  ...
 "....................the  two-storey warehouse and office buildings known as...
                       46-49 inclusive North Clarence Street and 19-28 inclusive
                         Dunne Street in the City of Dublin.....attached to Lease dated
                                  15th. December 1990 and made between the Dublin Corporation
                                      AND G. Saunders & Company Limited .........................................."
[ Background TEXT and AUDIO to Charge... ]

   July                      .16  The Charge of the previous day , THURSDAY , the 15th of July 1993 ,  was presented at the C.R.O. by
                                      Eugene F. Collins , Solicitors for Smurfit Finance Limited , of :

Eugene F. Collins , solicitors ,
61 Fitzwilliam Square ,
Dublin 2  ,
Tel :   678 5766
                                      The said Charge was for £250,000.00 ( fixed and floating Charge) due to :
Smurfit Finance Limited ,
94 , St. Stephens Green ,
Dublin 2
                                      The signature of the applicant for registration was Mr. Gerard Delaney , the Company Secretary of Smurfit Finance
                                      Limited and the document was dated the 16th. of July 1993 ..

                                      The said Charge was registered in the C.R.O. on the 16th. of July 1993.

   July                      .16  The same Eugene F. Collins , solicitors ,  presented a corresponding Charge  ( floating ) on Courthampton Warehousing
                                      Ltd [  C.R.O. Company no. 128837  Doc Seq. no. 09  ] created on the 15th. Of July 1993 for  £250,000 , and
                                      secured on.....
                                                              “... all the Company’s assets ...both present and future... “.

                                      This Charge , due to Smurfit Finance Ltd ,  was also signed on behalf of Smurfit Finance Limited  by the Company
                                      Secretary , Mr. Gerard Delaney  , and it was ALSO REGISTERED on the same day,...that is Friday , the 16th. of July 1993 ....

                                       {  Smith Foy & Partners , solicitors , are at  :

59 Fitzwillam Square ,
Dublin 2 ,
Tel :  01 676 0531
                                      and were responsible for incorporating G. Saunders & Company Limited on the 30th. of June 1971.
                                      [ C.R.O. Company  no. 034654 Doc. Seq. no. 280369 ].

   November            .29  Mr. Brian O'Meara takes a 6 month Lease on the first-floor flat at 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3.

                                      {    According to Thoms Street Directory for Dublin 1997 , Mr. Brian O'MEARA  is the owner/occupier of :
                                           372A Clontarf Road , Dublin 3.............

                                           In the same Directory ( 1997 ) , he , (BUT with a DIFFERENT SPELLING , that is :  Brian O'MARA  ) is
                                           listed as joint resident of  :

Co. Dublin  ,
                                           along with ,  Mr. Bernard McKenna , of the Dubliners folk group and  HELEN AHERN............

   June                     .12  TWO Planning Applications are submitted to Dublin Corporation regarding :

                                                                            (1) The site
                                       " to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 ..."
                                       " the 373Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 site...                 "

                               .00  The IRISH PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY was originally established as a mutual building society in 1884.
                                      In 1994 it converted from Building Society status to a Public Limited Company and was licensed by the Central Bank
                                      of Ireland to carry on banking business.

                                      IRISH PERMANENT PLC also obtained a listing for its SHARES on the Dublin and London Stock Exchange.
                                      Mr B Ahern was Minister for Finance under Prime Minster ,  Mr Al Bert Reynolds.

   August                  .31  On the 31st. of August 1994   ,     Irish Permanent plc bought  :

Guinness & Mahon Limited , formerly of
17 College Green ,
Dublin 2., for

                                      The new address of  GUINNESS &MAHON(IRELAND)LTD , is  :

                                                                                          4 Earlsfort Terrace  ,
                                                                                          Dublin  2     ,
                                                                                          Tel      :   709 5200  ,
                                                                                          Fax     :   707 5242   ,
                                                                                          Email   :                                        ,
                                                                                          Web    :  ,
                                                                                          Telex   :   93667 Mars

                                      This included a “goodwill” payment of £ 1,400,000.00 - although the company had posted a loss of  £ 192,000.00 for the
                                      year to 31st.December 1994 and a loss of £ 106,000.00 for the year to 31st. of December 1993 ............................!!!!!!

                                      On the SAME day the Company name was changed to GUINNESS & MAHON(IRELAND) LTD.

                        KPMG Stokes Kennedy Crowley , accountants are the auditors of GUINNESS & MAHON BANK LTD

                                      {  In the Times (newspaper) index for 1994 there is NO ENTRY for this acquisition of GUINNESS & MAHON bank … }

   October               .00  The ORDINARY shares of Irish Permanent plc  were listed on the Irish and the London Stock Exchanges.

                                        {   Guinness & Mahon(Ireland)Limited , now a subsidiary of Irish Permanent PLC  hold a DEBENTURE CHARGE over
                                             all the capital and assetts of G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED(the DUBLIN CORPORATION's favoured
                                             developers of 373 Clontarf Road ) since the 5th of Feburary 1990.....    }

                                      Irish Permanent IOM is an offshore deposit taker in the Isle of Man.

   November            .00  In November of 1994 , Derek McDowell  ( # 1)  had circulated a notice to the residents of Dollymount Park to the effect
                                      that a certain developer ...., Mr John Flynn had sought to renew a Planning Permission for 4 houses on a site ...

 " the rear of  370-371 Clontarf Road ..."...( the said Planning Permission having lapsed...!!!)

                                      #1…….Derek McDowell is a Labour Party member of Eire’s Parliament – known as Dail Eireann  - and located in .............
                                        ‘ Leinster House ‘ ;  ...the former ' townhouse  ' of the financially-bankrupt(several-times over) , Duke of Leinster …

   November            .00  On the 19th of November 1994 Mr Albert Reynolds resigns from the Fianna Fail  leadership , and is succeeded by his
                                      Minister for Finance, Mr. B.  Ahern.
                                      Mr Harry Whelehan resigns as President of the High Court.

   Feburary               .00 In Feburary of 1995 , Derek McDowell had circulated ANOTHER notice to the residents of Dollymount Park to the effect
                                      that the developer , Mr John Flynn who had sought to renew a planning permission for 4 houses on a site " the rear
                                      of  370-371 Clontarf Road..."  had been REFUSED PLANNING PERMISSION  by the Dublin Corporation
                                      on the grounds that :-

 (1)   Drainage Facilities were inadequate  ...
                                                                      (2)   The proposed development contravened the open space
                                                                              requirements of the Dublin City Development Plan ( $ ) ( SIC ! )
                                                                              for 1991.
                                      {   $ ....This is quite ironic when one sees for themselves the monsterous carbuncle erected by the same Dublin
                                         Corporation - despite widespread opposition - over the World Hertiage Site at Wood Quay , between
                                         St. Patricks Cathedral and the river Liffey !  The Dublin Corporation excavations at the site had
                                        uncovered the remains of an ancient viking settlement in Dublin at Wood Quay ; and having
                                         desecrated the site by proceeding with their excavations until restrained by a temporary High Court
                                         injunction ; they then had the order lifted and proceeded to DESTROY the artifacts left intact and built
                                         their new CORPORATE HQ - a tombstone for European and World culture and a fitting monument to
                                         their own  arrogance , self-edification and crass vulgarity...
                                         Mr Charles Haughey ,  who , for many years ,  contrived to portray himself as a patron of the arts ;
                                         (and - rather modestly (?) - something of a connoisseur to boot ! ) was Prime Minister of Eire at the time ...,
                                          ...needless to say }

                                      In any case Mr. Flynn appealed the decision to An Bord Pleanala  which overturned the Corporation’s decision in relation
                                      to the 4 houses( a separate application to construct apartments on the same site was refused.....(.$$.)  )

                                      {  Ms Annie O'Keefe was the Dublin Corporation Planning Official who recommended REFUSAL of Mr John Flynn's
                                      application , but has since left the Dublin Corporation ............................. }

                                      At this time the Corporation were in negotiations with Mr  Killian O’ Higgins ; a senior Partner in Sherry FitzGerald ,
                                      auctioneers and estate agents of :

13 Merrion Row ,
Dublin 2 ,
Tel :  661 6198
                                      as well as  Mr  Ray Hanley  of O’Buachalla , Donal , estate agents , of  :
86 Merrion Square ,
Dublin 2 ,
Tel :   676 2711

                                      {  Mr. Hanley was acting on behalf of the Robb Estate , whose “Trustee’s” (Mr.Felim H.Meade , solicitor , of :

64 Patrick Street ,
Dun Laoghaire ,
Co. Dublin
                                      and Mr Meade's  business ass ociate  Mr. William John McCourt , accountant , of  :
21A Main Street ,
Castlerock ,
Londonderry  ,
Ulster ,
Northern Ireland ,
United Kingdom( of Great Britain & Eire )
                                      through an Indenture of Assent dated 27th of April 1992 , in which Felim H. Meade of the one part and the said
                                      Felim H. Meade and William John McCourt of the other part ...
                                      the said Pheilim H. Meade assented to THEIR legal interest in the property for all the estate and interest of John Margaret
                                      Robb and Susan Moira Shaw( the successors in title to the Gresham Estate ) known as 373 Clontarf Road  ; ...
                                      or locally known as Margaret Murphy 's land...

                                      In addition , the said solicitor , Felim H. Meade , a former junior partner in Dowling Kilpatrick , a firm of big solicitors of some
                                      repute , had the audacity to claim title( for himself and Mr McCourt ) to 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin  3 as well - less than a year
                                      AFTER the death of the owner ( since the 14 th of November 1954 ) , Mr William Maguire...................................................

                                      The solicitor acting for the Robb Estate is  Vincent Dowling of  Dowling Kilpatrick ,
                                      solicitors , of :

34 Kildare Street ,
Dublin 2 ,
Tel  : 662 1170
Fax : 662 1171
                                      In addition the head landlords ; the Vernon Estate’s legal interest in  no. 373 Clontarf Road , was represented by Mr. Walker
                                      of Orphen Franks & Co., Solicitors & Land Agents , of  :
30 Burlington Road ,
Dublin 4 ,
Tel  :  668 9622
Fax :  668 9004
        { ...a former workplace of Supreme Court Judge  :  Theodore Conyngham Kingsmill-Moore , alias ' KM '  ... }and

        also J. Gill  of  James Adam & Sons , Estate Agents , of :

26 St. Stephens Green ,
Dublin 2 ,
Tel :   676 0261 ,
email :
                                      over the terms and conditions for sale of the site known as 373 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3,and the compensation , IF ANY ,
                                      to be paid  to the respective parties in proportion to their respective legal title/claim to the said property.

                                      It was felt that the onerous ' conditions ' being imposed by Dublin Corporation in relation to the sale of the said property
                                      were not conducive to obtaining the best/fairest open market price ( ' condition ' being ...: no development for ...
                                      at least a year !!! )

                                      In fact, Mr. Killian O’Higgins of Sherry Fitzgerald felt (at that time ) that Dublin Corporation were trying to facilitate a developer ,
                                      a certain Mr John Flynn , who had renewed planning permission [ from An Bord Pleanala on appeal ] ,  after Dublin Corporation
                                      had refused  , to renew the same permission (on the grounds previously stated ) for 4 houses on the site between   Margaret
                                      Murphy’s land at 373 Clontarf Road and Dollymount Park , whom , they ( Dublin Corporation ) knew had an interest in acquiring
                                      373 Clontarf Road........

                                      The actal transfer of title by Dublin Corporaion was conditional on the granting of planning permission by Dubln Corporation …
                                      itself …
                                      ..................... … to the developer concerned ( as it turned out......the , by now familiar  :  G. Saunders & Company Limited...).

                                      This presents a conflict of interest if ever there was one - from the point of view of the Dublin Corporation , however , it is a no
                                      lose situation , since the land can only increase in value and the ACTUAL increase to a greater extent , is effectively determined
                                      by them......... , in particular , the privilaged few within the Planning Department , who are certainly exempt from ANY LEGAL
                                      SANCTION , being , as they  are  , ABOVE and BEYOND the law of Eire.

   March                  .00  In March 1995 , no. 370 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3 was sold for Circa £67,500 by Corry McMahon ,  auctioneers , of  :

143 Leeson Street  , Upper ,
Dublin 4 ,
Tel : 668 1766
email: )
        { Purchased privately ($$), it later appeared  , by :  Mr Alan Costello , ex-detective/used-car dealer  , for his
          daughter's.... hair-dressing act ivities...    }

         $$ Charge appeared on the company records at the C.R.O. of G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD or
         COURTHAMPTON WAREHOUSING LTD regarding the purchase of 370 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3.

   July                      .05  In the company returns for G. Saunders & Company Limited  ,  presented by :

V. F. Nathan & Co., company auditors ,
Christchurch Square,
Dublin 8.,
Eire ,
Tel :   01 454 4333
                                      made up to the 14th. of July (1993 ,1994 and 1995) 1995  ;
17 College Green ,
Dublin 2.,
                                      is listed as A CREDITOR for the year 1992 ( £200,881.00 )

                                      [ C.R.O. Company no.034654 , Doc. Seq. nos. 0030 , 0032 , 0031  ]
                                      The shareholders of the issued capital  in G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD in  the last return presented by the
                                      FORMER company AUDITORS ,  V. F. Nathan &  Co ( 14th of July 1995 ) , were :

(1)   Mr Joseph BURKE  ,
       132 Pinewood Road,
       Dublin 5
       who was the registered owner of
       500 (issued  for cash )Ordinary Shares
(2)   Mr. Donal Costello ,
        9 La Vista Avenue ,
        Killester ,
        Dublin 5.,
        who was the registered owner of
        the other 500
        ( issued for cash ) Ordinary shares
                                      The registered address of the company at this time was 19/26 Dunne Street, North Strand , Dublin 1.
                                      The Nominal share capital was £ 10,000.00.

                                      In the Company's Annual  Return for 1996 ,  presented by the NEW company AUDITOR ,  J.M.Butler & Co ,
                                      ( formerly of  :  119 Mt. Merrion Avenue , Blackrock , Dublin  ) , of :

J.M.Butler & Co. ,
1A Carbury Place ,
Blackrock ,
Tel  :   288 0437  ,
Fax :   278 2061  ,
                                      for G. Saunders & Company Limited , there appears to have been A TRANSFER of at least 500 shares to Mr
                                      Alan Costello  -  who has a main USED-CAR DEALERSHIP business at  :
North Strand Road ,
Dublin 1,

                                      and NO RECORD of the other 500 shares - untill the 1997 return made up to the 6th. of January 1997 when Mrs. K.
                                      Costello appears to hold the other 500 shares (issued for cash).

                                      None of these share transferals was notified to the Companies Registration Office or recorded...
                                      The company had also changed address to :

184 Richmond Road,
Fairview ,
Dublin 3. ,

                                      around this time but the Companies Registration Office STILL HAD  the Dunne St. address as the REGISTERED
                                      OFFICE address.

                                      It was not untill 1998 that the company’s change of address was notified to the Companies's Registration Office(effective
                                      from 1/1/1998) , even though the planning permission granted to G. Saunders & Company Limited , 184 Richmond Road,
                                      Dublin 3. was dated 20/2/1997. [  Plan Ref. nos. 1301/96 and 13O6/96 ]

                                      There was an increase in the Nominal share capital from £1,OOO to £1OO,OOO  WITHOUT any RESOLUTION
                                      being passed or NOTIFIED to the Companies Registration Office at the (same) time.

   November            .00  In November 1995 Mr. Alan Costello’s daughter’s tenancy for the ground floor shop at no. 372 Clontarf Road expired and
                                      was not renewed.  He , Mr  Alan Costello ,  ex-detective / used-car dealer refused to return the keys to the shop ( until
                                      January 1996 ), and made persistent and aggressive efforts to purchase the shop which were rebuffed.
                                      He kept the padlock to the shutters , took the phone AND EVEN THE  W.C. ..(#2). , which he had installed in the rear
                                      of the shop with him.

                                      #2................due to the excessive usage of the said w.c. , it became blocked - and overflowed on more than one

   December             .00  In December 1995 the site to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3 was “sold” ( ostensibly) by Palmer McCormack &
                                       Partners ( ' acting for ' developer John Flynn )  , of :

' Canada House '  ,
St. Stephens Green ,
Dublin 2
Tel :  478 4744
                                       just across the road from...Irish Permanent plc - to  Lorigan Auctioneers, I.A.V.I.  ,  of  , :
' Clifton House ' ,
Lr. Fitzwilliam Street ,
Dublin 2.
Tel : 661 3788
                                      The price obtained was circa £160,000.00 -  It " EXCEEDED  "  its  reserve  price...

                                      No Charge was ever created by G. Saunders & Company Limited on this site ( to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road ) ,
                                      EVEN THOUGH it was included in the company's  later planning application for the two apartment blocks ,  encompassing
                                      within its boundaries , one of their apartment blocks ;  namely ,  “ Block  A “[ Plan Ref no. 1306/96 ]  on  the site termed
                                      ......" to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road ...".. in  Derek McDowell's letter to the residents of Dollymount Park in
                                      November 1994.

   December            .19  On the 19th. of December 1995 , Mr. Raymond Michael Curran was reappointed a Director of Smurfit Finance Limited.

   December            .21  On  the 21st. of December 1995 ,  a Charge was created by G. Saunders & Company Limited on :

" Elizabeth House "  ,
184 Richmond Road ,
Dublin 3
                                      The Charge THIS TIME was presented by Whitney Moore & Keller ,  solicitors , of :
' Wilton Park House ' ,
Wilton Place ,
Dublin 2. ,
                                      for ..."...all sums due..."... to :
Smurfit Finance Limited ,
94 St. Stephen's Green ,
Dublin 2
                                      [ C.R.O. Comp no. 034654  Doc Seq. no. 280379  ].

  Feburary               .26  On the 26th. of Feburary 1996, Mr. Raymond Michael Curran , was appointed a Director of Jefferson Smurfit Group plc ,
                                      [  C.R.O. Comp no. 008610  ] , ALONG WITH ( Mr B. Ahern's predecessor - and former Prime Minister of Eire...,..)
                                      Mr. Al Bert. Reynolds (£££)

                                      Dr. T. A. Reynolds retired following the Annual General Meeting in 1996.

                                      Mr. R. M. Curran held 48,451 ordinary shares in Jefferson Smurfit Group plc at 31st. Of December 1996

                                      { In addition, during the period 1st. of January 1997 to 18th. of April 1997 , Mr. R. M. Curran acquired a further
                                        5,661 shares as well as 108,447 shares as trustee in Jefferson Smurfit Group plc.   }

                                      £££.........Directors Report for Jefferson Smurfit Group plc for the year ended 31st. of December 1996.

 Pre-May                .00  Mr B. Ahern , leader of the opposition Fianna Fail party , raises a query about a donation made by property developer
                                      Mark Kavanagh to Fianna Fail , and whether a receipt had been issued for the money.

                                      ..."...Fianna Fail told the Moriarty Tribunal only late last week about a query raised by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern four years
                                             ago on a party political donation by property developer Mark Kavanagh , the inquiry heard yesterday.
                                          ...Mr Ahern had raised a query about a donation by Mark Kavanagh in 1989 for which a receipt seemed to have gone
                                          ...Counsel for the tribunal , Mr John Coughlan SC, said it was a matter  of concern that until media inquiries were made
                                             last week the tribunal was not informed by anybody that a query had been raised in 1996.
                                             Mr Coughlan said as a result of the matter coming to the attention of the tribunal , within a week it was able to locate
                                             the route of £75,000 which was supposed to go to Fianna Fail , and to come across another stg£50,000 which was
                                             donated anonymously by businessman Michael Smurfit.
                                             Mr Fleming said at some time in 1996 Mr Ahern , who was then the party leader , made an enquiry about a donation
                                             made by Mark Kavanagh in June 1989 to see if it had been made and if it had been receipted.
                                             ...He said he did not believe anyone else had raised the matter between 1989 and 1996 .       Mr Fleming said he did
                                             not recollect a query being raised by Eoin Ryan.
                                             ...Counsel asked if any queries were raised by Mr Ahern or anybody else in Fianna Fail about the other donations
                                             received  , where the receipts had been sent to Mr Haughey's office rather than the donor.       Mr Fleming said he had
                                             no recollection of any such queries.
                                            ...Mr Fleming said millionaire Michael Smurfit was the source of a £50,000 donation in July 1989 which was recorded
                                            as anonymous in the Fianna Fail cash receipt book .       He said it was recorded as " anonymous per an Taoiseach "
                                            on the direction of Mr Haughey.
                                            Mr  Fleming said he had been advised by Mr Haughey that the source was Mr Smurfit and this information was
                                            recorded on the draft photocopy.       He said there was no accompanying documentation and the receipt was
                                            forewarded to the Taoiseach's office as requested by him.                                                                                      ..."...
                                            [ " Ahern queried 'lost receipt' for developer " , Ann O'Loughlin & Fergus Black , Irish Independent , Wednesday
                                                                                                                                                       June 28th , 2000 , page 10 ; Moriarty Tribunal ]
 May                       .00  Mr B. Ahern , leader of the opposition Fianna Fail party , and now dealing personally with Mr Mark Kavanagh , property
                                      developer and Fianna Fail donor , accepts £50,000 from Mr Kavanagh.
                                      ..."...Questioned by the Tribunal , Mr Kavanagh was at a loss to explain WHO instructed him to make the money available in
                                              THIS FASHION (bdb)and agreed it was unprecedented.                                                                                                    ..."...
                                      [ Brian Dowling , Irish Independent , Wednesday June 28th , 2000 , page 1 ; Moriarty Tribunal ]

                                 (bdb) drafts payable to the bearer , in effect cash...!!!

 June                       .12  On WEDNESDAY , the 12th of  June 1996 , TWO SEPERATE Planning Applications were submitted to the
                                      Dublin Corporation’s Planning Department  [ Plan Ref  nos.1301/96  AND 1306/96 ] on behalf of  :

G. Saunders & Company Limited ,
184 Richmond Road ,
Dublin 3.,
                                      { even though in the C.R.O.  the registered address was STILL at Dunne Street , North Strand , Dublin 1 } , concerning
                                      the COMBINED SITES  , i.e. :
                                      the site ..." the rear of 370-371 ( “sold” in December 1995 ) Clontarf Road ..."
                                                                                              AND ALSO
                                      .               ....the 373 Clontarf Road site ; title VESTED in the Dublin Corporation since 10th. of September 1992 ……

                                       One of the applications , [ Plan Ref  no. 1301/96 ] , was for a 3-STOREY HOUSE on the site of Margaret Murphy's cottage
                                     ( demolished by Dublin Corporation on the orders of John Murphy in 1982 ) at the front of 373 Clontarf Road, and the other
                                      application , [ Plan Ref No. 1306/96 ], was for TWO apartment blocks on the COMBINED SITE ( consisting of the site to
                                      rear of nos. 370-371 Clontarf Road ( “sold” in December 1995 ) AND the REAR portion of the 373 Clontarf Road site -
                                      effectively dividing the Corporation’s site into two separate sites ( but legally inseperable.. ???) with a common drainage

                                      The planning application for the house [ Plan Ref no. 1301/96 ] stated that it was proposed to make a connection to the
                                      “ existing  drainage  ” which was used by the previous house( i.e. Margaret Murphy’s cottage ) on the site at 373.

                                      This was despite the fact that the previous “house” on the site was a cottage ( demolished by the Corporation as stated
                                      above ), and had NO internal w.c.,but an external w.c.( “ X “ marks the SPOT )  and was located OUTSIDE the area
                                      encompassed within the boundaries of the said Vesting Order of 10th of September 1992.

                                      In other words there was NO “existing drainage” on the site (2) as defined by the Vesting Order of 10th. of September 1992 ;
                                     AND SO , as a logical consequence of this FACT ,  it FOLLOWS that ...

                                      nor was there ANY DRAINAGE WHATSOEVER on the site as DELINEATED in the plans submitted with the Planning
                                     Application ( Plan Ref No. 1301/96 ) for the 3-storey house.

                                      In actual fact  , the external W.C. ( #3 ) used by the last owner/tenant of no. 373 Clontarf Road (Margaret Murphy ) , was
                                      connected to the public drainage system via no. 372 Clontarf Road…...

                                      Certain CRIMINAL Elements within the UPPER ECHELONS of the DUBLIN CORPORATION must have known this
                                      since THEY CONTRIVED the UNNECESSARY DEMOLITION of her cottage at 373 Clontarf Road , in 1982 ,...
                                      whilst Mr Charles Haughey was the ‘...acting...‘  Prime  Minister of Eire..(.£+£ )

                                      #3............destroyed in the unnecessary ( and with criminal-intent ) demolition of 373 in 1982...
                                      £+£ …… formerly known as the FREE STATE….
                                      {   Although some have suggested a more appropriate title for the political/criminal entity known as Eire (or the ' Republic of
                                        ' Ireland ) would be , without exaggeration  , the... ' freeMASON Estate '...   }

   July                      .00  Mr. Brian O'Meara / O'Mara  , who was "acting" tenant of the 1st-floor flat at 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 since the
                                      29th November 1993( and who also , simultaneously  shared an address at 15 Church Street, Howth , Co. Dublin with
                                      Mr. Bernard McKenna AND HELEN AHERN ) asked the landord's son , Mr Rory Maguire of 372 Clontarf Road
                                      whether he , Mr. O'Meara / O'Mara could have the Social Welfare pay his rent - as( he claimed at the time) , he knew
                                      a "...bird..." in the Department of Social Welfare.

                                      When this was refused , Mr. O' Meara's attitude changed , and he became quite aggressive towards Mr Maguire.

                                      This anger and aggression seemed disproportionate -  at THAT time - and eventually , Mr O'Meara / O'Mara became
                                      threatening , when , on several occasions thereafter ;  Mr. O'Meara(or O'Mara) had returned from the DOLLYMOUNT
                                      HOUSE pub down the road - which he often frequented during lunch hours.

   August                 .02  Mr. Brian O'Meara is given NOTICE TO QUIT 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 by Mr. Rory Maguire - having regard to
                                      the worsening situation...

                                      Mr. Maguire's solicitor at that time , Mr. H. J. Roundtree( "Jack") , who had contacted the Valuation and Planning
                                      Departments of DUBLIN CORPORATION about their mistake in the VESTING ORDER of the 10th of September 1992
                                      ( which was NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED by the so-called Planning Department..) , had a COURIER DELIVER
                                      Mr. O'Meara's NOTICE TO QUIT  !

                                     { H. J. Roundtree , Tel       :   662 3005 and  662 3011 ,
                                                                   Mobile :   087 251 0676
                                                                   Fax      :   662 2828                                    }

   August                 .11  The Chief  Valuer’s Office of Dublin Corporation , on :

2nd. Floor ,
Block 3 ,
Civic Offices ,
Wood Quay ,
Dublin 8. ,
Tel :  679 6111
Fax : 670 7860
                                      also received notification of the mistake on the 27th. of August 1996  , from Mr.H. J. Roundtree, solicitor, of :

                                                                                          5 Mount Street , Upper ,
                                                                                          Dublin 2. ,

                                      ( and again on the 4th. of November 1996 ) and THEY ACKNOWLEDGED receipt of the letter/s  on the 8th. of November
                                      1996 , in an acknowledgement from ...Mr. P. McLoone , F.R.I.C.S. F.S.C.S., (££££) the Chief Valuer of Dublin Corporation.

                                      ££££................F.R.I.C.S. ... Fellow of the ROYAL Institute of Chartered Surveyors
                                             .................F.S.C.S.   ... Fellow of the Society of Chartered Surveyors

   September           .11  The Planning Department of the Dublin Corporation were notified of the mistake in their VESTING ORDER of the 10th of
                                      September 1992 in a letter ,  from Mr.H. J. Roundtree, solicitor, of :

25 Mount Street , Upper ,
Dublin 2. ,

                                      on the 11th. September 1996    (   although ,... for their own ' reasons ' ...,..; they failed to acknowledge receipt of the said
                                      letter from Mr H.J. Roundtree.................................. ).

   Feburary              .20  Nevertheless, both planning applications were approved by the Corporation’s planning department on the 20th. of Feburary

                                      All objections to the proposed development were rejected out of hand by the Planning Appeals board of Eire :

                                                                                          An Bord Pleanala………

                                     The grant of permission was signed on the 11th of April 1997 ....

   April                     .20  A Planning Application  [ Plan Reference no. 0980/97 ] was submitted in April 1997 by Mr. F. D. Breitenstein , architect ,
                                      of :

Studio D’Architectes ,
121 Boulevard North ,
Bayside ,
Sutton ,
Dublin 13 ,
Tel : 832 6772
Fax : 843 6683
                                       for a  “ replacement townhouse to the rear of no. 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 “ to Dublin Corporation's Planning Department.
                                      This was submitted on behalf of the occupier(  Mr Rory Maguire ) of 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3

                                      At this point in time one would assume from the drawings submitted with the applications that there were TWO SEPERATE
                                      DRAINAGE SYSTEMS - i.e. one based on the “existing” drainage for the 2-storey (reduced from a 3-storey house in the
                                      modifications with the resubmitted applications) [ Plan Ref No 1301/96 ] and YET ANOTHER drainage system for the TWO
                                      apartment blocks [ Plan Ref No. 1306/96 ].

                                      They had - ON PAPER least…..

                                      Curiously enough , under condition no. (4) of the permission granted to the developer for the 3-storey house [ Plan Ref No.
                                      1301/96 ] , as amended by resubmissions received on the 28th. Of January 1997 ( to 2-storey ), it states “ there shall be no
                                      boundary definition between the back garden of the proposed house and the private open space to the proposed apartment
                                      development to the rear…”

   June                     .00  At the end of June , Mr. B .Ahern forms a new administration with the ass istance of the Progressive Democrats , under
                                      Mary Harney.

   June                     .00  In early June 1997  a bulldozer started clearing the site to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road , and broke throught the dividing
                                      wall between the site"  to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road "  and the rear of the 373 Clontarf Road site.

                                      The driver claims he is employed by a Mr. Mossie Fox.

                                      While clearing the 373 Clontarf Road site , the bulldozer driver breaks Mr Alan Costello's previously installed sewer pipe
                                      ( running OVERGROUND and parallel to the North-eastern side of 372A Clontarf Road - whiich would " COLLAPSE "
                                      on the 6th. of october 1997 ...) and repaired it -  after Mr Maguire drew his attention to it - with an orange section .!.

                                      Shortly afterwards  , a company called  CELTI CON LTD , replace the lone bulldozer driver  , and begin ground work
                                      on the DUBLIN CORPORATION site at 373 Clonarf Road, Dublin 3.

                                      The registered office of the main site contractors Celticon is :-

Celticon Limited ,
Coolaght ,
Claremorris ,
Co. Mayo. ,
Eire ( West of ...)
                                      The directors of Celticon Ltd are given as Mr. and Mrs. Corless of   :
Knock Road  ,
Co. Mayo ,
Eire ( West of )

                                       Celti con then entered onto the COMBINED SITES ( that is :


                                      The site “ to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 “ referred to in Derek McDowell’s( T.D. ) letters to the residents of
                                      Dollymount Park and Dollymount rise , in November 1994 and Feburary 1995 respectively  ,…



                                      The site , known as 373 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 , Eire  , being Margaret Murphy’s land and referred to in the  VESTING
                                     ORDER  , dated the 10th  of September 1992 , the said  VESTING  ORDER  being made under the DERELICT SITES
                                      ACT 1990 (No. 14 , June 1990 ) , enacted by Mr Charles Haughey , the Prime Minister of Eire (up until his forced
                                      resignation in Feburary 1992 over the phone-tapping of several journalists amongst others…)  , and  , HIS Fianna Fail / Pro-
                                      gressive Democrat coalition government ,..)

                                      and began their excavations of the COMBINED SITES , including uprooting and removing many mature trees …

                                      { No Charge was created at this time ( or has been created since  then ..!!) by G. Saunders & Company Limited on the
                                         site known as 373 Clontarf Road .  In fact , the property is registered in the name of the Dublin Corporation - according to
                                         the Land Registry in Nassau Street - yet at this point in time ( September 1998 ) there is a TWO( or THREE ??)-storey
                                         house completed on the site , fronting onto the Clontarf Road - with a partly-completed apartment block on the rear portion
                                         of the  373 site.... }

                                      The directors of Celticon Ltd are given in the C.R.O. as Mr. and Mrs. Corless of   :

Knock Road  ,
Co. Mayo ,
Eire ( West of )

   June                     .00  In July 1997 Dublin Corporation demanded that the Planning Aplication submitted by Mr. F. D. Breitenstein  in April 1997
                                      for the  :  “  replacement townhouse to the rear of no. 372 Clontarf Road .. ” be resubmitted to them and that the site notice
                                      be amended to read   “ Permission to demolish the existing townhouse and the erection of a replacement townhouse to the
                                      rear of no. 372 Clontarf Road ,Dublin 3…”

                                      Mr. Breitenstein felt at the time that this was a delaying tactic by the Dublin Corporation …

   June                    .00  In or around July/August 1997  Ms. Maeve Curran took over the shop at no. 371 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 , which had
                                      previously been occupied by Dollymount Appliances - now called “ Adams Interiors “

   July                      .15  Haughey testified before the ( McCracken ) Tribunal on Tuesday ,  the15th July 1997 ,...

                                     At the outset he read a prepared statement in which he expressed regret for his behaviour in NOT COOPERATING
                                     with the tribunal... " ... in the manner which might have been expected of me..." ,
                                     ..He clearly tried to dump the responsibility for all his finances on ( Des ) Traynor , who had died in 1994...
                                     "... I never had to con cern myself about my personal finances ...," ... Haughey said ...
                                     "... [ Traynor] took over control of my financial affairs from about 1960 onwards... "...                                                             SF.p.445

                                       ...He HAD TO CON CEDE , however ,  that  as recently as 7th July (1997) he had been ' persisting in accounts of events
                                      which were short of the truth. '     YET while he was on the stand , neither he nor any of the LAWYERS had referred to his
                                      DECEPTION  as..........L.Y.I.N.G.....                                                                                                                                   SF.p.446

   July                   .28  Lord Rob ert Temple Armstrong ( d.o.b..30th of March 1927 ( 30/03/1927))of Ilminster G.C.B. , C.V.O. , of  :

19 St. Swithin's Lane  ,
London EC4P 4DV  ,
United Kingdom  ,
                                  is appointed a director of  ( The )Governor & Company of the Bank of Ireland Ltd on 28th of  July 1997.

   August                 .00  It was around early August 1997 that the main contractors, Celticon Limited, had excavated the main drainage connection ( 1* )
                                      running down the hill from Dollymount Park  , ( on the South/Eastern border of the site to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road ),
                                      and subsequentially reconcreted it a hurry.

                                      1*................This was the ORIGINAL  proposed drainage con nection included in Mr Alan Costello's architect ( Mr O'Neill )
                                                          plans submittted to the Dublin Corporation's Planning Department on the 12th of June 1996 ...
                                                          [  Plan Ref. no. 1301/96 and 1306/96  ]

   August                 .14  The property known as 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 was finally registered in the LAND REGISTRY on THURSDAY ,
                                      the 14th. of August 1997 , by  :

                                      Instrument No. 92DN0708 { see  REG MAP PLAN : 9   ;   DIVISION : 19    ;   BOOK NO : 11  }

                                      In CONTRAST ,  no 373 Clontarf Road ,  taken over by the Dublin Corporation through a VESTING ORDER  dated
                                      the 10th of September 1992 under the Derelict Sits Act 1990(No. 14 of 1990)  ;  when Mr. Smith was Minister for the
                                      Environment and   ,
                                      MR. B. AHERN  was Minister for FINANCE  , under Mr Charles Haughey’s suc cessor as Prime minister of Eire ,
                                      Mr Albert Reynolds( much-libelled owner of a dog-food factory in Tipperary , and director of JEFFERSON SMURFIT
                                      GROUP PLC )  ;

                                      given the VESTING INSTRUMENT NUMBER :  92DN22297 ,   and then registered in the Land Registry on the 11th
                                      of March 1993  , by Instrument No.93DN022297  .

                                      A rather strange reference to … certain …‘ DEALS PENDING ‘…was included in the LAND REGISTRATION
                                      CERTIFICATE of Margaret Murphy’s recently VESTED land  in the LAND REGISTRY :

                                      {   DEALS PENDING :   97DN19506  {see REG MAP PLAN : 5 ; DIVISION : 19 ; BOOK NO : 11  }

                                      It was the same Albert Reynolds who dubbed Eire’s  current Prime Minister ( and self-styled ' SAVIOUR '  of …
                                      THE PEACE PROCESS...   )

                                      MR B. AHERN …., the ….. ..................RAT IN AN ANORACK….”

   August                 .25  On the 25th August 1997 the ( McCracken )tribunal report was published.    In it ,  McCracken con cluded that it was..
                                      ..."...quite unacceptable....,etc.,.."...the former Taoiseach( Prime Minister , Mr Charles J Haughey ) had prevaricated and lied...
                                         "...he had lied in three seperate submissions... "...
                                         Haughey had not been honest in his testimony either.
                                         "...The tribunal con siders Mr Charles Haughey's evidence to be unacceptable AND UNTRUE...."...
                                         The judge refused to believe several aspects of the former Taoiseach's story involving his relationship with ( Des )
                                             Traynor....                                                                                                                                                              SF.p.447 / 448

                                      ..."... This is a matter for the Director of Public Prosecutions..'...
                                         He added , rather pointedly ,
                                      ..."...that the circumstances warrant the papers  in the matter being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions for his con-
                                             sideration as to whether there ought to be(?) a prosecution, and theTribunal intends to do so..."

   September           .00  The vice-taoiseach , or deputy-Prime Minister of Eire UNDER Mr B. Aherm , Ms Mary Harney appoints an inspector ,
                                      Mr Gerry Ryan to... ' investigate ...'  CELTIC Helicopters...( in which , Mr Charles Haughey's son , Ciaran Haughey ,
                                      is the MAIN shareholder... ).
                                      Mr  Sam Field Corbett was also a director of CELTIC Helicopters , which secured loans it obtained with the
                                      ANSBACHER ACCOUNTS , as revealed in the McCracken Tribunal .

                                      The ANSBACHER ACCOUNTS held for Mr Charles  J. Haughey were used to support the debts of CELTIC Heli-
                                      A $150,000 loan from IRISH INTERCONTINENTAL BANK to CELTIC Helicopters in 1992 ( when 373 Clontarf Road
                                      was  " VESTED "  in ...the DUBLIN CORPORATION.....) was repaid out of Mr. C. J. Haughey's ANSBACHER

                                      The McCracken Tribunal con cluded that Ciaran Haughey must have been aware of the payment.......

   September           .24  The Blayney Tribunal chaired by Supreme Court Judge John Blayney is established to enquire into "possible... "
                                      professional misconduct by members of the  :


                                      named in the earlier McCracken Tribunal.     { Progress for ' justice ' was delayed by...Legal action..!!!!.}

   September           .26  The Moriarty Tribunal chaired by Justice Michael Moriarty is established to enquire into payments made to Mr. Charles
                                      J. Haughey during ANY PERIOD in public office from January 1979 to December 1996 and whether any benefactors were
                                      granted ' political ' favours...
                                      Also , the source of the money held in the ANSBACHER accounts and other bank accounts held by Mr C. J. Haughey .
                                      Also , whether payments were made to Mr Michael Lowry , member of Fianna Fail party ,  in return for ' political '
                                      favours ; also ; the SOURCE OF MONEY held by Mr Low ry in the BANK OF IRELAND(Thurles branch and ...
                                      the ISLE OF MAN ... ) , branches of ALLIED IRISH BANK in the Channel Islands and Dame Street , the IRISH
                                      PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY , Cork , or REA BROTHERS ( Isle of Man...).

                                      Finally , to enquire into whether the REVENUE COMMISSIONERS  ' bothered... '  to use their powers to recover taxes
                                      due by Haughey or Low ry , as a result of their " gifts..."

                                      { The original deadline for the Tribunal was 31st July 1998 , but due to HIGH COURT and SUPREME COURT action
                                         by the Haughey family dysentry , this was delayed....and thereby ' justice ' ...Eire style...!!!??? }

   October               .02  On the 2nd of October 1997 Mr. George Sturdy of David Allen Holdings Ltd. , Sandyford Industrial Estate , Burton Hall
                                      Road , Leopardstown  Dublin 18 , Tel : 295 8170 , received a phone call from Mr. Alan Costello demanding that he take
                                      down the Billboard on the gable wall of no. 372 Clontarf Road - which had been there since 1985 and was ( then ) the
                                      property of David Allen Holdings Ltd..

                                      Mr Sturdy refused point-blank  to submit to this demand.
   October               .02  On THURSDAY , the 2nd of October 1997 at 10.45 a.m. Ms. Annie  O’Keefe of Dublin Corporations Planning Department
                                      arrived on the site at no. 372 Clontarf Road and met Mr. Breitenstein , the architect of the Planning Application
                                      [ Plan Ref No. 980/97 ] for the proposed townhouse at the rear of no. 372 Clontarf Road on behalf of Mr Maguire.

                                      They inspected no. 372A and the site together and then Ms. Annie O’Keefe left at approx. 10.55 a.m.

   October               .06  On MONDAY ,  the 6th. of October 1997 the North/Eastern and North/Western sides of 372A Clontarf Road ,

“collapsed (Photo 2 and Photo 3).

   October               .07  Mr Raphael Burke resigns from the government of Mr B Ahern - ONE DAY AFTER  the so-called ...
                                      " COLLAPSE  "  of 372A Clontarf Road ( on the evening of Monday , the 6th of October 1997 - according to Mr Alan
                                      Costello ,ex-detective / used-car salesman and director of DUBLIN CORPORATION'S favoured developer...........


   October               .06  On TUESDAY , the 7th. Of October 1997 the DAVID ALLEN POSTER SITES LTD Billboard on the gable wall of no.
                                      372 Clontarf Road was removed by workers acting under orders from the ex-detective/used-car dealer  Mr. Alan

                                      Mr. Roundtree , solicitor  ,of 25 Mount Street upper , Dublin 2 advised that there was nothing that could be done about
                                      the “ collapse “ of 372A Clontarf Road on the 6th. of October 1997 as no damage had been caused (sic !!! )and had a similar
                                      Weak response regarding the illegal removal of the  DAVID ALLEN POSTER SITES LTD ( € ) Billboard on the gable wall of no. 372
                                      Clontarf Road.

                                      € ……………… DAVID ALLEN POSTER SITES LTD  is part of the J.C. DECAUX Group of France !

                                      After being threatened with a court injunction on the 8th. of October 1997 by Mr. H. J.Roundtree , solicitor . 25 Mount Street
                                      ,upper, EMAIL:  ( who acted after receiving a joint phone call from Mr. F.D.Breitenstein , architect ,
                                      121 Boulevard North, Bayside , Dublin 13. , and Mr. David  Doran of Dublin Corporation's Dangerous Building Department -
                                      who both believed that the main contractors , CELTICON LTD  , were intent on demolishing no. 372 Clontarf road ) they ,
                                      Mr Alan Costello’s sub-contractors , CELTICON LTD  , then left the site and removed their company signpost from
                                      the front of the 373 Clontarf Road  site .......

                                      They have since changed address to:-

Knock Road ,
Kiltimagh ,
County Mayo ,

                                      An offer was made on the 8th. Of October 1997 by Mr. Alan Costello in the presence of Mr. Breitenstein and Mr. David
                                      Doran( since deceased ) of Dublin Corporation’s Dangerous Buildings Dept. to demolish the remains of no. 372A Clontarf
                                      Road ( which had ostensibly “ collapsed “ on the 6th. Of October 1997...of its own accord... ) and erect a boundary wall to
                                      the rear of no. 372/373 Clontarf order to...make things good...

                                      No mention was made about ANY  NEW DRAINAGE connection.  This was some eight days before a decision was due
                                      ( on 16th. October 1997 ) on Mr. Maguire's proposed townhouse to the “ rear of no. 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3............
                                      “ [ Plan Ref. No 980/97  ].

 October               .23    On THURSDAY  , the 23rd of October 1997 part of the North-Eastern and North-Western rear boundary wall between
                                      nos.  372 and 373 Clontarf Road was demolished by a bulldozer.   The owner , Mr Maguire , only made the discovery
                                      when he returned late in the evening , and it was quite dark .    He took some photographs , in which , the tracks from a
                                      bulldozer are clearly visible !  He called the gardai again , and YET AGAIN : when the gardai from Clontarf  Garda Station
                                      arrived they said it was a...civil matter...and NOTHING to do with them...

                                      At this stage the foundations for the TWO APARTMENT BLOCKS had been laid but NO DRAINAGE had been installed
                                      and no work had been done on the site to the front of 373 Clontarf Road ( the site of Mr Alan Costello's proposed
                                      TWO-STOREY house).

                                      The only ' workers ' left on the site were three employees of the ex-detective /used-car dealer Mr. Alan Costello and they began
                                      excavating the foundations for Mr Costello's house.

                                      {    NOTE : This was to be the pattern for the following year ; with some extra ' empoyees ' being taken-on for the accellerated
                                                          pace of  con struction necessitated by the need to COVER-UP ( through the device of building an
                                                         EXTREMELY-HIGH boundary wall between 372 and 373 ) the drainage situation..; right up until the VIOLENT
                                                         and TOTALLY-ILLEGAL FORCED-ENTRY by the gardai from Clontarf and Raheny gardai stations , on
                                                         TUESDAY , the 1st of December 1998 ...!!!  }

                                      There  were extra workers employed on the site of the house over Christmas 1997 , and the pace of construction
                                      accellerated ( although no work was done on the apartment blocks at all - untill July 1998).

   October               .28  On TUESDAY , the  28th. of October 1997 at 10.30 a.m. (approx.) in the morning the remaining North-Eastern rear
                                      boundary wall between 372 and 373 Clontarf Road was demolished by Mr. Alan Costello’s workers with a bulldozer,
                                      who seemed to regard CRIMINAL DAMAGE to other peoples property as s form of amusement !    There were
                                      several photos taken Mr. Costello's ' workers ' in action...

                                      When the gardai arrived the “ workers “ ran off laughing , through the " site to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road "
                                      ( ' owned ' by some faceless entity ...)  , and , shortly afterwards emerged at the side of no. 370 Clontarf Road
                                      (  now occupied by Mr. Costello’s daughter , and her hairdressing business  ).

                                      The gardai had caught them red-handed , but then questioned them in a rather casual and off-handed manner :
                                      later the gardai in Raheny ( where Mr Charles Haughey had resided for many years ) claimed that Mr Alan Costello's
                                      “ workers” had permission from Dublin Corporation ,...ALSO and that it was a CIVIL matter… and , quite bluntly ...
                                      nothing to do with them !

                                      A meeting was then arranged , without ANY INSTRUCTIONS from Mr Maguire ,  by Mr. H. J. Roundtree ,
                                      solicitor ,  of  :

25 Mount Street , Upper ,
Dublin 2 ,
                                     {  The HQ of Mr Charles Haughey's FAIL  political Party  is just down the road ......    }
                                      on the site ( at the now non-existant rear boundary between nos. 372 and 373 Clontarf Road ) for the next day
                                      ( 29th of October 1997 ) at 1 .00 a.m.

                                      In the meantime a LARGE TRENCH  had been excavated by the bulldozer on the line of the former boundary wall ,
                                      OBLITERATING ALL TRACES of the former rear boundary between 372 and 373  Clontarf Road ; and in the
                                      process the MAPPING ERROR of the Dublin Corporation's ' planners ' which said MAPPPING ERROR  ,
                                      INADVERTINGLY  , DREW  ATTENTION to the TOTAL LACK of ANY ADEQUATE DRAINAGE for
                                      Mr Alan Costello's , G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD  , and the DUBLIN CORPORATIONS  development
                                      ( even if , there was only a 3-bedroomed house proposed for the site , let alone a 3-storey house AND
                                      APARTMENT BLOCK ...

   October               .29  On WEDNESDAY  , the  29th. of October 1997 at 1:00 p.m (approx.) , the said meeting arranged by Mr H. J.
                                      Roundtree  , solicitor , took place at the NOW DISAPPEARED  REAR BOUNDARY WALL between
                                      372 and 37 3 Clontarf  Road.

                                      The meeting  ( $$$$ ) was attended by Mr. H. J. Roundtree , solicitor, ( 25 Mount Street upper, Dublin 2. ), Mr. F.D.
                                      Breitenstein , architect , ( 121 Boulevard North , Bayside , Dublin 13 ) and  , representing Mr. Costello ;  both himself
                                      and his architect , Mr. O’Neill , architect , of :

Blessington  ,
Co. Wicklow ,
        {  Note :  Mr O'Neill , architect , had ALSO BEEN Mr John Flynn's architect for Mr Flynn's  proposed development
                       for the site “ to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 “ , [  Plan Ref. no. 1257/94 ]  -  mentioned by
                       Derek McDowell T.D. in his letters of November 1994 and Feburary 1995 as described previously  }

                                      An INFORMAL AGREEMENT ( NOTHING in writing... ) was reached between Mr. Roundtree( solicitor ) ,Mr. Breitenstein
                                      ( architect ) on the one hand ; and  ; Mr. Alan Costello( ex-detective/used-car dealer ) , Mr. O'Neill ( architect ) on the other
                                      hand wherby Mr. Costello and his architect , Mr O'Neill would make a drainage connection to Dublin Corporation's main
                                      SEWER via the EXISTING  DRAINAGE (sic ! ) of no. 372 Clontarf Road AFTER furnishing Mr. Breitenstein with PLANS
                                      of the proposed NEW DRAINAGE  connection.

                                      This proposed NEW drainage connection was permissable only on the condition that :

 (1)    IT WOULD NOT affect , adversely , the planning permission granted ( on
          the 16th. of October 1997 - the FINAL GRANT of permission was not
          given until the 1st. of December 1997 ) for Mr Maguire's proposed
          townhouse at the rear of no. 372 Clontarf Road : -
                                                                                        [ Plan Ref No. 0980/97]

(2)    IT WOULD NOT  DEVALUE no. 372 Clontarf Road in any way.


                                                In the event , NO plans were ...EVER...  furnished to Mr. Breitenstein

                   $$$$..................Mr Alan Costello  took care of ...Mr H. J. Roundtree's( and Mr Breitenstein's ) expenses for
                                             the day !

   October               .29  On A new rear boundary wall was then erected with a 6 inch ( 150mm ) drain pipe concealed beneath the extreme North-
                                      Eastern corner orientated in a Northerly direction towards the apartment block " B " on the rear portion of the site at
                                      373 Clontarf Road [ Plan Ref no 1306/96 ]
                                      According to Dublin Corporation's own Building Regulations a 150mm drain pipe is the minimum gauge for  THREE or
                                      MORE dwellings although the impression given at the aforementioned meeting ( on WEDNESDAY ,the 29th. of October
                                      1997 ) was that the proposed new drainage connection was to be ONLY FOR for the proposed TWO-STOREY  house
                                      at the front of ( $$$  ) the 373 Clontarf Road site ALONE.........

                                      AND NOT ( to be connected to... )  the APARTMENT BLOCK , designated Block ' B ' , on the drawing plans submitted
                                      with Mr Alan Costello's SEPERATE Planning Application ( on behalf of G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD ) , by
                                      his ( and John Flynn's architect ) , Mr. O'Neill  , on the 12th of June 1996 , as mentioned previously : -
                                                                                                                                                                                            [ Plan Ref No. 0980/97]

                                      $$$ ………where Margaret Murphy’s cottage used to stand …….

   December            .01  On MONDAY , the 1st. of December 1997 , the  Final Grant of Permission for the proposed townhouse to the rear of
                                      no. 372 Clontarf Road was signed and then issued by E. Jorde of the Planning Department of Dublin Corporation.
                                      The same E. Jorde had ALSO dealt with the TWO Planning Applications of Mr Alan Costello , director / shareholder in
                                      the Dublin Corporation's favoured developer G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD , for Mr Costello's house and
                                      ALSO the TWO APARTMENT Blocks ( Block 'A'  on the site  " the rear of 370-371 ( “sold” in December 1995 )
                                      Clontarf Road ...""  , AND  ,  Block ' B ' on the rear of the ...the 373 Clontarf Road site ; title VESTED in the Dublin
                                      Corporation since 10th. of September 1992 ……)

                                      Block ' B ' stands directly behind the new house erected by Mr Alan Costello at 373 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 - and
                                      was DIRECTLY IN-LINE with the aforementioned 150 mm sewer pipe which Mr Alan Costello's three workers
                                      had concealed directly beneath the NEW REAR BOUNDARY WALL which they had speedly erected after the
                                      previously-described progressive ILLEGAL demolitions of the REAR BOUNDARY WALL between 372 and
                                      373 Clontarf Road  ( on the 23rd and the 28th of October 1997 - not including the so-called " COLLAPSE " of
                                      372A Clontarf Road on MONDAY , the 6th. of October 1997..., the INTENTION behind which , was  ,
                                      without any doubt ;
                                      the forcing through ( by...the ' agreement ' of Mr Maguire to Mr Alan Costello's apparently ' generous ' offer to
                                      rebuild the rear boundary wall ..' at his own expense ' ( 8th October 1997 )  ) of Mr Costello's NEW DRAINAGE
                             Mr Costello's new house ...AND ALSO the APARTMENT Block ' B '...

   December            .19  A new Charge was created by G. Saunders & Company Limited ( still at the Dunne  Street address as far as the Companies
                                      Registration Office was aware….) on the 19th. of December 1997 and refers to a site ...:

"  to the rear of 370 Clontarf Road  ”

                                      ( including 370B , 370C, 370F Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 and the accompaning land ; directly behind nos 370 ( Mr Alan
                                      Costello's daughter's hairdressing salon ) and 371 ( Ms Maeve Curran business... ) Clontarf Road !.

                                      The Charge was presented by the said Whitney Moore & Keller for all sums due ( mortgage ) to :

Smurfit Finance Limited ,
94 St. Stephens Green ,
Dublin 2.,
                                      and was signed on the 22nd. Of December 1997 by Ann Harvey , of Whitney Moore & Keller....
                                       [  C.R.O. Company no. 034654  Doc. Seq. no. 280382  ] .

                                      It was around this time , just before Christmas 1997  , that Mrs. Sheila Dolan , the last remaining tenant of the cottages
                                      to the rear of 370-371 Clontarf Road ( which included 370B ( the " SQUATTER " ) , 370C ( Mrs Sheila Dolan ) , 370D
                                      ( ??? ) and 370F( another " squatter " - who  was receiving benefits from the Department of Social Welfare , when Mr B. Ahern's
                                      brother was Minister for Social Welfare ...) , after complaining of months of harassment by the " SQUATTER " who had
                                      taken up residence in the vacant property next door at no. 370B  Clontarf Road ( just behind , and sharing a common party
                                      wall with Ms Maeve Curran ( her business at 371 Clontarf Road... )) left her home in a hurry ; never to return !.

                                      This Charge - in common with the Charge ( Debenture of  5th. of  Feburary 1990  created by G. Saunders & Company
                                      Limited regarding a site on Coolock Industrial Estate , ALSO  the property of Dublin Corporation... , and ( then ) with ...

                                      “ all sums due “ to :

Guinness & Mahon Limited  ,
17 College Green  ,
Dublin 2                                               )
                                      was NOT SCANNED  in the Companies Registration Parnell Street , Dublin 1

                                      When the ex-detective / used-car dealer , Mr Alan Costello , failed in his attempts to force his NEW DRAINAGE scheme
                                      through Mr Maguire's property  ; via his CONCEALED 150 mm.(millimeter)  SEWER PIPE beneath the NEW REAR
                                      BOUNDARY WALL erected after the ' meeting ' of the 29th of October 1997 , as described above , he and his three
                                      ' workers ' then attempted to install an ALTERNATIVE NEW DRAINAGE scheme ; this time , via/beneath  , the
                                      property ( 370C ) of the recently-departed Mrs Sheila Dolan. ( Plans and Photos of this ALTERNATIVE NEW
                                      DRAINAGE scheme are viewable here )

                                      Mr F. D. Breitenstein , architect , made the observation that this scheme would not work effectively ; as both the angle
                                      ( the outlet sewer pipe was at right-angles to the direction of ... flow... ) , and the slope ( the gradient was too shallow...)
                                      were wrong !

                                      This " ALTERNATIVE NEW DRAINAGE " scheme for 373 Clontarf Road(dplan.htm) , was a cosmetic effort ; a
                                      feeble attempt to deceive the general public that work was ' progressing ' normally on the development ( when in actual fact
                                      , they : the favoured developers , G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD as well as the so-called ' planners ' in the Dublin
                                      Corporation knew from the outset that the scheme was UNWORKABLE...

                                      Indeed , Mr Breitenstein made the point that in similar cases - where an attempt was made to , effectively  , ' defy gravity '
                                      , that is , in order to overcome the slope problem  : developers had resorted to installing a pumping station in-situo ...;
                                      to pump the waste from the TWO APARTMENT BLOCKS ( Block ' A ' and Block ' B '  ) in addition to the waste
                                      from Mr Costello's (NOW) 3-storey house  , uphill...
                                      although whether that was feasable in the case of 373 Clontarf Road remains highly dubious  ...

                                      But as there  had been  ' rumours '  in the locality about the slow pace of development - the story was put about that the
                                      developers were in financial difficulties...of sorts..., so obviously ,  something  had to be ( seen to be ) done .......

                                      This " ALTERNATIVE NEW DRAINAGE " scheme for 373 Clontarf Road tranversed the site ...

" the rear of 370-371 ( “sold” in December 1995 ) Clontarf Road ..."

                                       via/under the old boundary wall ( which joined  370C and 370F Clontarf Road ) between the said site and the...

....the 373 Clontarf Road site ; title VESTED in the Dublin Corporation since 10th. of September 1992 ……

                                      although  under ; condition no. (5) imposed by the Planning Department on the TWO apartment block
                                      complexes proposed for the COMBINED SITES :
                                                                                                                 ( i.e.  " the rear of 370-371 ( “ sold ” in December 1995 )
                                      Clontarf Road ..."   AND   the REAR PORTION($$$$) of  ...the 373 Clontarf Road site ; title VESTED in the Dublin
                                      Corporation since 10th. of September 1992 …… )

                                       was that ,  the drainage for the COMBINED SITES was to be agreed in advance ,..IN WRITING .. , with the Planning
                                       Department  of the Dublin Corporation ( the permission was granted in full on 20th. Of Feburary 1997 )
                                      [ Plan Ref. No. 1306/96 ].

                                        This new drainage scheme was installed around the beginning of May 1998 -about  15 months AFTER permission
                                        was granted to the TWO SEPERATE Planning Applications on the SAME DAY [ Plan Ref. nos. 1301/96  AND
                                        1306/96 ]   by  Dublin Corporation‘s ' Planning '  Department.(  THURSDAY , the 20th of Feburary 1997 ).

                                      $$$$ …… being part of the aforementioned Vesting Order dated the 10th. of September 1992 on Margaret Murphy's
                                                        land at 373 Clontarf Road

                               .00  Sometime during 1998 , Mr. Brian O' Meara / O'Mara moved away from his former address in 15 Church Street, Howth ,
                                      Co. Dublin without leaving any forewarding address - Mr Bernard McKenna , apparently , moved to the south-side of
                                      Dublin City.

   March                  .20  The owner of 372 Clontarf Road then contacted Mr. Billy Young , of NUMBER ONE SECURITY SERVICES LTD in
                                      order to arrange for a security guard to guard the premises at 372 Clontarf Road - after the bulldozer driver(W1) working
                                     on the rear of the 373 Clontarf Road site(while being concealed behind a mound of clay and rubble ; put in place by the
                                      bulldozer driver for that very purpose - to conceal both his and his co-workers CRIMINAL INTENTIONS - did ,
                                      quite deliberately , and with the intention of causing the maximum amount of stress and INTIMIDATION , to the owner of
                                      372 Clontarf Road  drove the said bulldozer against the temporary fencing erected on the North-Western rear boundary of
                                      372/373 Clontarf Road by the owner , Mr Rory Maguire , causing the said fencing to " COLLAPSE " - just like the
                                      previous " collapses " on the 6th. October 1997 , the 23rd October 1997 , the 28th October 1997....

   March                  .31  Because of the ongoing harassment from the THREE WORKERS of Mr Alan Costellon on the site of 373 Clontarf Road ,
                                      which included parking on the forecourt of the shop at 372 Clontarf Road( enabling them to conceal their acts of
                                      CRIMINAL DAMAGE on the front wall of the shop : in order to try and cause it to " collapse " , and , thereby , eventually;
                                      succeeding in justifying their PLANNED DEMOLITION of the front wall of the shop on the 13th of May 1998.

                                      The owner , in order to try to protect his property from these CRIMINAL ACTIONS had 3 RAM BARS installed on the
                                      forecourt of the shop at 372 Clontarf Road on the 31st March 1998  by  :

H & M IRONWORKS LTD ,                                     Dispatch No.2090
Unit 1 , Greenhills Industrial Estate ,
Greenhills ,
Dublin 12
Tel   :    50 0723  and 507070  ,
Fax  :    50 0723
                                                                                    Cost : £478.13

   May                     .07  On the 7th. of May 1998 , auctioneers ,  Douglas Newman Good ,  of :

2 Malahide Road ,
Fairview ,
Dublin 3 ,
Tel : 833 1802 ,
                                     auctioned Mr. Alan Costello’s house at  ;
56 Hampton Court ,
Clontarf ,
Dublin 3.( circa £251,000.00 )

                                      { Just down the road from  “ CLONTARF CASTLE “ -  the former family-seat of the Norman VERNON FAMILY … }

   May                     .07  On the 13th. of May 1998 , at 1.00 p.m. approx. , Mr. Costello's THREE ' WORKERS ' on the site at 373 Clontarf
                                      Road demolished the front wall on the 372 side of the boundary line between 372 and 373 Clontarf Road.

                                     The said wall was NOT a boundary wall but was part of no. 372 Clontarf Road.    When the single guard arrived at approx
                                      1.30 p.m. in response to Mr Maguire's 999n call , the " workers " produced a letter from Mr. Thomas Looms , a local
                                      solicitor ( and ambitious Fianna Fail party member  with aspirations to be ' made ' a judge ... ) , of  :

38 Dollymount Avenue ( also no. 1 Coolock Village )  ,
Clontarf ,
Dublin 3
                                      to the effect that Dublin Corporation had given them ( Mr Alan Costello's THREE WORKERS  " permission " to demolish
                                      the said wall as it was..."... dangerous... "... and  ..." had to be removed "...

                                      The wall in question had been repaired earlier in 1997 by Mr Maguire  , and shortly afterwards was quite deliberately broken
                                      in part at the front  , and thereby rendered ...' dangrerous '... ,  by the said ' WORKERS '   ; who used it as an access point
                                      while building Mr Costello's 3-storey house at the front of no. 373 Clontarf Road.

                                      They also laid some drain pipes adjacent to said wall , while at the same time , Dublin Corporation workers appeared and
                                      began tearing up the near-side of the Clontarf Road - directly opposite Mr Costello's new house.

                                      They – the so-called  ‘ workers ‘ used by  ex-detective / used-car dealer Mr Alan Costello -  quite deliberately and with
                                      CRIMINAL-INTENT later undermined the said wall with a bulldozer , before finally demolishing it!!!

   June                     .00  An inspector , Mr. Gerry Ryan , was appointed AGAIN BY the vice-taoiseach , Ms. Mary Harney , or deputy-Prime
                                      Minister of Eire UNDER Mr B. Aherm ,  to  ' EXAMINE ...' the books and other documents belonging to
                                      KENTFORD SECURITIES which was part of the money trail leading to the ...ANSBACHER ACCOUNTS.

                                      KENTFORD SECURITIES  was established in 1979 , by Management and Investment Services(MIS).

                                      Management Information Services was run by SAM FIELD CORBETT( also a director of SECRETARIAL TRUST
                                      COMPANY - which submitted numerous documents to the Companies Registration Office  on behallf of ...
                                      G. SAUNDERS  & COMPANY LTD ) , who is a business associate of Mr C. J. Haughey !

                                      Two former directors of the GUINNESS & MAHON bank ( £££££ ) :

(1)  Maurice O'Kelly  ,   and
(2)  Daniel O'Connor

                                      were directors of KENTFORD SECURITIES for a brief period  ;  which was CONTROLLED and OPERATED by
                                      Mr C. J. Haughey's accountant ; the late Des Traynor ( %£ ).
                                      Des Traynor used KENTFORD SECURITIES to LAUNDER money( through opening and closing accounts - once
                                      the monies had been moved abroad to the ANSBACHER(Cayman Islands) ACCOUNTS).

                                      {  KENTFORD SECURITIES was dissolved in May 1995 }

                                      %£................Des Traynor died in 1994 - prior to the ' take-over ' of GUINNESS & MAHON bank......
                                      £££££...........GUINNESS & MAHON LTD name changed to GUINNESS & MAHON(IRELAND) LTD on the
                                                           31st August 1994 by IRISH PERMANENT PLC ...

   December            .01  On TUESDAY , the 1st of December 1998 , at approximately 1:00 p.m. TWO unmarked garda cars containing plain-
                                      clothes detectives rushed to 372 CLONTARF ROAD , DUBLIN 3 in response to a call from Mr. ALAN COSTELLO'S
                                      (ex-detective and used-car dealer ) mobile phone.

                                      Mr. Costello had moved to the 3-storey house he had built to the front of 373 CLONTARF ROAD during 1998.
                                      They , Garda David Gallagher , of Raheny Garda Station , acting under orders from Detective Joseph Enright of
                                      Clontarf Garda Station proceeded to break down the side door of the shop(leading to the first-floor flat of 372
                                      Clontarf Road - WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEMSELVES AS PLAIN-CLOTHES DETECTIVES  - or
                                      even as friends  / partners-in-crime  of Mr Alan Costello , the ex-detective...
                                      They then rushed up the stairs - laughing at the criminal damage they had caused.

        The (then) owner , assuming that he was being attacked by associates of Mr. Alan Costello tried to prevent them from
        entering the flat!
                                      The owner , Mr Rory Maguire , assuming that he was being attacked by armed-thug associates of Mr. Alan Costello tried
                                      to prevent them from entering the flat - by blocking the stairway at the half-landing...!

                                      In the course of the struggle , which lasted less than a minute , Garda Crehan fell back on top of Garda David Gallagher...
                                      ( who later claimed , in an attempt to extort compensation ; that his thumb had been fractured (while he was doing his..
                                      duty Mr Charles J. Haughey's ' standards ' doubt... ) , during the forced-entry by a kick from Mr. Maguire...

                                      After several minutes of struggle , and realising that they could not EASILY effect an entry by force they began to scream
                                      that they were...GARDAI ..,..GARDAI....!!!!!!

                                      The (then) owner, assuming that he was not about to be attacked (or even killed ! ) then ceased attempting to defend himself
                                      by preventing  their unwelcome/uninvited and ILLEGAL entry into his property , that is , the 1st floor-flat above the
                                      ground-floor shop at 372 Clontarf Road - which 3 years earlier was occupied by Mr Alan Costello's daughter ...
                                      plying her trade...

                                      They then handcuffed him and began screaming abuse and shouting questions and wild accusations at him  !

                                      At NO TIME DID THEY PRODUCE A WARRANT .......................!!!

                                      Such was the athmosphere of violence and intimidation especially from Garda David Gallagher - who was cursing and
                                      swearing and threatening extreme violence against Mr Maguire , that Mr Maguire thought it best not to say , or do ,
                                      anything  , that might provide an excuse / justification to Mr Alan Costello's former partners/colleagues in the force , to
                                      exercise their ' powers ' to the fullest extent....

                                        {  Mr Raphael Burke , like his leader and fellow Fianna Fail party-member , Mr Charles J. Haughey was a former ...
                                            Minister for Justice , and observed very close relations with his underlings in the Garda force....              }

                                      While Mr Maguire was seated and handcuffed ( and therefore unable to defend himself ) , Garda David Gallagher ,
                                      who had , by now , worked himself up into a frenzy of rage : caused to a large extent by his poor performance at his
                                      forced entry , behind Garda Crehan on the stairs earlier -  the humilitation...of rolling about at the bottom of the stairway
                                      - with Garda Crehan ( who is no lightweight ) on top of him -  was just too much for him to bear ...sneaked up behind
                                      Mr Maguire , and struck him a heavy blow , with a torch , on the back of his head - cutting the scalp and causing blood
                                      to flow...

                                      Detective Joseph Enright , who was shouting questiuons at Mr Maguire , at the time , did nothing to stop his
                                      partner-in-crime , and even smirked and even stopped Mr Maguire from attempting to stem the flow of blood.

                                      He was later arrested and charged with CRIMINAL DAMAGE  :  the case being continuously remanded.....until the end
                                      of NOVEMBER 1999 ....when it was finally ' heard ' in FRONT of Judge Tiimothy Halpin CROWLEY.........................

       { His so-called defense counsel , a disinterested solicitor by the name of Ms Jenny McGeever ,of free-legal AIDer' s
          Terence Lyons & Co. ( granted by the first Judge to hear the so-called case , Judge Miriam Malone ,  was , by a
          remarkable coincidense , promoted to the Circuit Court during the remand process and so ,...obviously .. ,  could
                                      not provide ANY defense , whatsoever , and just before the case was to be heard...FINALLY ,...after 6 remands...
                                      before....Judge TIMOTHY HALPIN CROWLEY....the 'defense ' was dumped into the lap of Mr Patrick Neil ,
                                      several minutes before the case was to be heard ...

                                      the only option , under such ' circumstances ' , was to plead guilty ...GUILTY TO BEING THE VICTIM OF A
                                      STATE-SPONSORED CRIMINAL-CONSPIRACY ...the 'state' in question ..being Eire , the freeMASON
                                      Estate of the Grand-Master himself , Sir Winston Churchil , and his underling criminal-acolytes in the bought-
                                      and-paid for party of the illbred and illiterate...Fianna FAILures...Their founding ' leader ' , the Spainish
                                      half-breed , Mr Eamon De Valera , with his stage-managed escape from Lincoln jail in 1917 , and his suck
                                      cessors... all being puppets in the pay(ola) of the MASONS

                                      {  In Mr De Valera's case it was Sir Basil Goulding's father ,. Sir Lingard Amphlett Goulding (2nd. Baronet )  ,
                                          and Governor of the Bank of Ireland , who bought his election ' victory ' in 1932 ......                                    }

   December            .01  The gardai involved along with DETECTIVE JOSEPH ENRIGHT ( 00139J ) of CLONTARF GARDA STATION  were :

                                                                                                    Garda Name                  (Garda Number )

( 1 )  DAVID GALLAGHER  ( 25983G )

                                      who struck the owner of no. 372 Clontarf Road across the back of the head while he was handcuffed !  Also present as
                                      witnesses and active participants to the ILLEGAL-FORCED-ENTRY of no. 372 Clontarf Road  , Dublin  3 , Eire , (on
                                      Tuesday , the first of December , 1998  , at 1:00 p.m. , approximately ) and the subsequent ASSAULT and ILLEGAL-
                                      DETENTION of the owner , Mr. Rory Maguire( lately of 48 Dollymount Park , Clontarf , Dublin 3 ) were the
                                      FOLLOWING GARDAI ( $$$$ ) GARDAI  :

( 2 )  M. CREHAN  ( 00846L )
( 3 )  F.  OLOHAN  ( 00811G )
( 4 )  J.  KIRWAN   ( 00554A )

                                      NO WARRANT WAS |EVER PRODUCED -  either at the time ( 1st. December 1998 ) or later in ANY of the foll-
                                      owing District Court hearings ;  and the so-called “legal aid” granted by Justice Miriam Malone in the District Court at
                                      the first hearing of the case , on the Wednesday morning of the 3rd of December 1998  , at 10:00 a.m. in Dublin
                                      Metropolitan District Court Number 44 ; in the person of Miss Jenny McGeever ,apprentice solicitor , of the
                                      liars/lawyers  :

                                        TERENCE LYONS & CO. , criminal ...solicitors ... ,
                                        Arran Quay  ,
                                        Dublin 7 ,

                                      who was later to be “promoted” to the District Court and therby  to be taken off the case - made absolutely No
                                      REFERENCE TO  this FACT in Court.  Even when JUDGE MIRIAM MALONE , at the THIRD HEARING of the
                                      case , on the Wednesday morning  , of the 16th of December 1998  , threatened to throw the case out of court if  the
                                      ‘ BOOK OF EVIDENCE ‘ was not presented at the next hearing.(  January   1999 )

                                     At the NEXT REMAND , the ORIGONAL JUDGE ,  Judge MIRIAM MALONE was NOT presiding………….
                                      ...and Ms Jenny McGeever , who was ...ostensibly... representing the owner of  no. 372 Clontarf Road made NO
                                      OBJECTION WHATSOEVER  to the request  of  the prosecution’s main witness  :

                                      , for yet another adjournment  : as a “ medical report ” was being prepared on behalf of (the) detective ( ?? ) who
                                      supposedly sustained a broken arm during the ILLEGAL-FORCED-ENTRY of no. 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3
                                      on the 1st of December 1998.

                                      The case was remanded 6 times before 4 different Judges in Court no 44  from December 1998 to November 1999
                                      ( $$$$$ ) – 3  months after no. 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 , was put on the Market by Mr Maguire , in August 1999
                                      , and sold by “tender”  to Adam Clarke  , of  :

Hamilton Osbourne King ,  estate agents  ,
       Molesworth Street ,
                                      who acted …'  in trust ' ...for the Dublin Corpoations favoured developer  :


                                     { Incidentially, Gerard McCarthy of Hamilton Osbourne King , Molesworth Street , Dublin  had previously acted for the
                                      owner , Mr. Rory Maguire in Valuing No. 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 in 1996 for the purposes of Stamp Duty
                                      calculation/Capital Gains as a result of  “ the ongoing “ Conveyance of no. 372 from Mrs. Nora Maguire to Mr. Rory
                                      Maguire being orchestrated - since 1991 - by  :

John O’Connor  , solicitor ,
168 Pembroke Road  ,
Balls Bridge ,
Dublin 4 ,
Eire ,


   December            .00  A tax-liability on some IR2.0 million punts of    "...personal financial gifts..." to Mr Charles Haughey levied by the Revenue
                                      Commissioners was  ' CANCELLED ' by the Appeals Commissioner , Mr. Ronan O'Kelly - a brother-in-law of the new
                                      Prime Minister of Eire , Mr. B. Ahern !

   December            .00  The Special Share retained by the MINISTER FOR FINANCE in Irish Life plc is ' CANCELLED ' in December 1998.

   December            .31  On the 31st December 1998 , the banking business of GUINNESS MAHON & COMPANY LTD in the U.K. was
                                      acquired by INVESTEC BANK(UK) LIMITED...

                                      Gerard Delaney , of   :

14 Temple Park ,
Dartry ,
Dublin 6 ,
Tel :   496 0810


                                      the  Company Secretary of Smurfit Finance Limited  , WHO  later resigned as Director and Secretary on the 23rd. of July
                                      He was replaced by John McNicholl , 10 The Gallops , Dublin Road , Naas , Co. Kildare

                                      At   the 16th. of September 1998  , title to 373 Clontarf Road , was still VESTED in the  Dublin Corporation  - according
                                      to the Land Registry at  :
                                                                                          ‘ Setanta House ’ ,
                                                                                          Nassau Street ,
                                                                                          Dublin 2

                                      -  even though Mr. Costello’s workmen had ALREADY built a TWO-STOREY house on the front portion( $$$ ) of the
                                      site ( with a more recent  Planning Application submitted to the Dublin Corporation , [ Plan Ref no. 2278/98  ] , for a
                                      tiled-roof extension , effectively making it a THREE-STOREY house ...using a cunning STEPPING-STONE
                                      approach .

                                      In the aforementioned planning application , Mr. Costello’s architect , Mr. O’Neill, claims a FREEHOLD TITLE to
                                      the property even though “legally” , Margart Murphy’s land at 373 Clontarf Road is still , at this point in time ,  in the
                                      name of the DUBLIN CORPORATION…..!!!???

                                      A previous application , to extend Mr Costello's roof  [ Plan Ref No. 1953/98  ] was withdrawn in early August 1998
                                     after Mr Maguire submitted objections to the Planning  Department of the Dublin Corpopration ...!

                                      The Corporation is presently awaiting more “ information “ from the developers at the moment ( September 1998 )

                               .00  The new Prime Minister of Eire , Mr B. Ahern announces with... much fanfare... a NEW DRAINAGE SCHEME for
                                      NORTH COUNTY DUBLIN ( including the Clontarf area ...

   April                    .21  On the 21st of April 1999 IRISH LIFE PLC merged into IRISH PERMANENT PLC becoming  :


                                      ; IRISH LIFE PLC in the process becoming ...a SUBSIDIARY of the new entity...

   April                    .21  The Irish Life & Permanent group was created out of the merger of Irish Life plc and Irish Permanent.
                                      The merger brought together the LARGEST life assurer and the LARGEST MORTGAGE LENDER lender in the Irish
                                      market with  both companies having market shares in excess of 20% in their respective markets.

                                      The address of  IRISH LIFE & PERMANENT PLC   , is :

Irish Life Centre  ,
Lr. Abbey Street  ,
Dublin 1 ,
Tel    :   704 2000 and 661 5577  ,
Fax   :   704 1908 and 661 5828  ,
Email :  ,


Group Treasury ,
Custom House Plaza 4 ,
International Financial Services Centre  ,
Dublin 1  ,

                                      {  The group had total assets of 31 BILLION at December 31st 2000 and shareholders' equity of 2 BILLION.   The
                                          group is strongly capitalised with both its capital adequacy and solvency ratios substantially in excess of regulatory
                                          requirement ...  }

   May                     .18  On the18th May 1999 the Planning Department of Dublin Corporation , at :

Block 4 ,
Civic Offices ,
Wood Quay ,
Dublin 8 ,
Tel   :   672 2222  ,
Fax  :   670 7861  ,
                                      by Order , decided to grant permission to Mr. Alan Costello , now with a NEW ADDRESS at 373 Clontarf Road ,
                                      Dublin 3 for  :
"...A new pitched roof over existing flat roof for use as
    residential accommodation and for provision of con-
    servatory to rear of previously approved house(Reg-
    ister Reference (1301/96) and also for the retention
    of alterations to include interalia windows , front garden
    wall, use of front section of roof as balcony , internal
    changes and new party wall with No.372, Clontarf Road..."
    [ PLAN NO : 2278/98 ]

{ The previous front wall extending from the ground-floor shop at 372 Clontarf Road to the footpath of the Clontarf Road( and,
which was standing on the 372 Clontarf Road side ) was

                                      { The previous front wall extending from the ground-floor shop at 372 Clontarf Road to the western footpath of the
                                         Clontarf Road( and , which was standing on the 372 Clontarf Road side ) had firstly been undermined by the
                                         ' THREE WORKERS '  of Mr. Alan Costello and as a con sequence of the subsequent weakening thereof  ,
                                         provided the "justification " for the PLANNED DEMOLITION of the wall - with the " con sent" and ' approval '  of
                                         the DUBLIN CORPORATION on the 13th May 1998.....}

   June                     .00  In June 1999 , coincidentially , Hamilton Osbourne King of Molesworth Street acted for SMURFIT FINANCE LTD
                                      in the '... quick-disposal...' of the Company to EQUITY BANK (a subsidiary of the BANK OF SCOTLAND ) of  :

' Canada House '  ,
65-68 St. Stephens Green  ,
Dublin 2  ,
Tel    :   408 3500   ,
Fax   :   475 7143  ,
Email :
                                      several weeks before Mr. Mulligan of their Vernon Avenue branch made an invitation  to the owner of 372 Clontarf Road ,
                                      Mr Rory Maguire (in June 1999) to enter into discussions in order to purchase the property on behalf of ….
                                      ...anonymous clients…whose Company face/mask turned out to be ...  the Dublin Corporation's favoured developer ...

   October               .00  Mr. B. Ahern , the Prime Minister of Eire and three former Ministers for FINANCE were required to give evidence to
                                      the Public Accounts Committee setup by Parliament to investigate the 30% of the country's Bank deposits held in
                                      non-resident accounts. ( IR£3,000 million as of November 1998 )

   May                     .04  On the 4th of May 2000 , was sold to HAMILTON OSBOURNE KING , estate agents , acting " in trust " for unknown
                                      purchasers...( Mr Adam Clarke , manager of their VERNON Avenue branch submitted their bid... )
                                      Later , it " ...appeared  " that the unknown purchasers , whom  HAMILTON OSBOURNE KING , estate agents , were acting
                                      " in trust " for , was /is :