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.xx....undated general reference.
.00....unknown date.
 Tuesday , 13th June  2006 .......BBC Radio 4 report on the late Mr. Charles Haughey.
  Feburary     .14 Established on 14th Feburary 1942 as a private UNLIMITED LIABILITY company as  GUINNESS & MAHON to
                   carry-on the banking business of GUINNESS , MAHON & CO in Ireland.
               .xx J. H. Guinness was a director of BANK OF IRELAND LTD bank.   No other directorships were listed.
  Feburary     .14 On Feburary 4th 1966 name changed from GUINNESS & MAHON to GUINNESS & MAHON LTD  - a LIMITED liability
               .xx John Henry Guinness was a director of GUINNESS & MAHON LTD bank.   He was also a director of the
                   BANK OF IRELAND ,College Green and a director of GUINNESS, MAHON & CO. LTD , 3 Gracechurch Street , 
                   London EC3. He was also a director GUINNESS MAHON EXECUTOR & TRUSTEE CO. LTD , and bizzarely ,
                   IRISH SHOE SUPPLIERS LTD...                                                        DoD1967.p.429
 In 1969 , Mr Desmond Traynor , formerly an articled accountant  to Mr Charles Haughey in the firm of
 HAUGHEY BOLAND accountants , Dublin becomes a director of GUINNESS & MAHON LTD , bankers.   GLN.p141
Mr Desmond Traynor , accountant to Mr Charles Haughey and others...
  Mr Desmond Traynor
               .xx John Henry Guinness was still a director of GUINNESS & MAHON LTD bank.   He was also still a director 
                   of GUINNESS, MAHON & CO. LTD , 3 Gracechurch Street , London EC3.
                   He was also a director of GUINNESS MAHON EXECUTOR & TRUSTEE CO. LTD,which, apparently ,had changed 
                   its name to GUINNESS MAHON EXECUTOR & TRUSTEE CO.(IRELAND) LTD.   A new directorship was in 
                   GUINNESS MAHON HOLDINGS.                                                            DoD1972.p.442   
               .00 SIR A. J. F. O'REILLY , now a media magnate in the mould of Randolf Hearst ,held a 12 month(only) 
                   deposit account in GUINNESS & MAHON LTD , bank, in 1972. Mr A. J. F. O'Reilly received loans from
                   GUINNESS & MAHON LTD at this time.   See : PUBLIC-SCANDALS-in-Eire-&-GUINNESS-&-Mahon-BANKERS.htm
  July         .17 GUINNESS & MAHON LTD bank is part of a consortium which submits plans for a $20 million World Trade  
                   Centre for a site on Memorial Road beside the Custom House in Dublin.
               .00 ( Mr Desmond Traynor , became )....deputy-chairman ( of  GUINNESS & MAHON LTD ) in 1976. On 
                   reaching this position he was able to create the ANSBACHER DEPOSITS , through which he operated
                   bogus ' offshore ' accounts for members of the Golden Circle , including Haughey.      GLN.p141
  November     .07 On the 7th of November 1977 , GUINNESS & MAHON LTD issued $1.2 million in unsecured convertible  
                   loan stock to "...increase Irish ownership...".   The ..." balance ...has been privately placed 
                   with IRISH institutions and individuals ,including directors and managers of the Dublin Bank who are
                   ' resident ' in this country. ...On full conversion of the loan stock , the Irish-residents would 
                   end would end up controlling 15.5% of the Dublin  Bank's equity..."
  Feburary     .00 
 In Haughey's principal resident account ( in GUINNESS & MAHON LTD )a total of £1,245,530.91
 was deposited between Feburary 1979 and May 1987 , when the account was closed.    SF.p.313      
Mr Charles Haughey , Prime Minister of Eire in 1982 when 373 Clontarf Road was needlessly DEMOLISHED - Ray Burke was Minister for the Environment under Haughey... Mr Charles Haughey 
               .00 In 1981 £74,996.83 was credited to a loan account in Haughey's name.  SF.p.313
   November    .00 There was also a further loan account taken out in the joint names of Haughey and his former
                   business partner Harry Boland.   This account which was opened in November 1981 , had a total of
                   £229,756.82 deposited in it before it was closed , in September 1984.
                   { Harry Boland denied any knowledge of this account  }      SF.p.313

 GUBUYEAR - 1982  
 HAUGHEY -His Life & Unlucky Deeds ---1993
 SWEETIE ----------------------1997
SHORT FELLOW -------------1999



  January      .29 A £50,000 draft made payable to ' H. Boland ' that had been drawn on the account on 29 January 1982
  March        .09 On Tuesday , 9th March 1982 , Mr Charles J Haughey , leader of Fianna Fail was elected Prime
                   Minister of Eire ( Southern Ireland ) by 86 votes to 79.
                   Mr. C. J. Haughey forms a Government with the support of 3 members of the Workers party and 2
                   "independents".   Mr Tony Gregory( North Strand )was one of the independents involved Haughey's 'win...'
                   Mr. Raphael Burke was "made" Minister for the Environment in the the new government!
   April       .00
Mr Ray Burke later resigned on the 7th of October 1997 , the day after the so-called  COLLAPSE of 372A Clontarf Road ...according to Mr Alan Costello , ex-detective /used-car dealer...
Mr 'Raphael' Burke
 Ms Margaret Murphy's structurally-sound cottage , at 373 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 was demolished  
 by DUBLIN CORPORATION - when Mr Raphael Burke was Minister for the Environment under Prime Minister 
 Mr Charles J Haughey.  ( Margaret Murphy died in December 1976 - HER WILL has NEVER 
 BEEN taken to Probate  ! )
 Mr Joseph Burke of 134 Pinebrook Road , Artane , Dublin 5 was a director/shareholder in 
 Mr Alan Costello , ex-detective/used-car dealer was also a director....................

 Mr Howard Kilroy - later to be made Governor of the BANK OF IRELAND LTD - was a director of
 STRONGBOW TRUST LTD (later renamed SMURFIT FINANCE LTD , and owner of THREE Charges ,
 AFTER the Feburary 1990  Debenture mentioned later ,over ALL the Assets of G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED
  June         .18 On the 18th of June 1982 , G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED  is (re-)incorporated....
  December     .14 On Tuesday , 14th December 1982 , Mr Garrett FitzGerald is elected Prime Minister as head of a
                   Fine Gael / Labour coalition government.
               .xx By 1983 , John Henry Guinness was Chairman of GUINNESS & MAHON LTD bank.   He was also Chairman of
                   GUINNESS MAHON EXECUTOR & TRUSTEE CO.(IRELAND) LTD, and Chairman of ERIN EXECUTOR & TRUSTEE CO.                                                         
                   (IRELAND) LTD. He was still a director of GUINNESS MAHON HOLDINGS ,and a director of EDENDERRY SHOE  
                   CO. LTD...a thing about shoe leather...                                               DoD1983.p.589
               .xx In 1983 , Timothy Whitmore Newton GUINNESS was a director of : GUINNESS  MAHON & CO. LTD ,
                                                                                  32 St. Mary at Hill ,
                                                                                  London EC3P 3AJ ,
                                                                                  Tel : 623 9333
                                                                                  Tx : 884035
  May          .00 A second resident current account opened in May 1983 was closed the folowing January after a total of
                   £211,344.50 had been lodged in it.                                                          SF.p.313
                   In May 1983 P.V. Doyle authorised the transfer of £40,000 to Haughey from one of his accounts. 
                   The following month he authorised a further £50,000.    Doyle actually took out a loan for Haughey at 
                   GUINNESS & MAHON bank in 1983 and another one in 1985.    In effect he was guaranteeing loans
                   which amounted to £170,000 in total.
  September    .00 In September 1984 , when the account in the joint names of Haughey and Boland was closed down 
                   Haughey obtained a £90,000 loan from the Agricultural Credit Corporation for the purposes of purcha-
                   sing brood mares and cattle.    When the time came for him to repay the loan the following August , 
                   Haughey called John Hickey , the chief executive of the ACC.                             SF.p.314

                   It is not possible to determine the total amount of money deposited in the various accounts because 
                   there were instances in which money was moved from one account to another ,which led to duplication
                   It is even more difficult to determine WHO PROVIDED THE MONEY for the lodgements.
                   GUINNESS & MAHON should have had microfiche records of its transactions , but these mysteriously 
                   Records at the BANK OF IRELAND - from where much of the money was transferred , through the
                   account of AMIENS SECURITIES LTD - were kept for the statutory period and were then destroyed.
  April        .03 The credit committee of GUINNESS & MAHON also authorised a personal , unsecured credit facility of 
                   £200,000 for Haughey on 3rd April 1985, but ,unsurprisingly ,the Fianna Fail leader exceeded even
                   that.                                                                                    SF.p.315
                         .00 In 1986 , Des Traynor had left as managing director of GUINNESS &  MAHON Bank to take up the position
                   of chairman of Cement Roadstone Holdings...Traynor moved Haughey's account to a subsidiary ,
                   ANSBACHER CAYMAN.......                                                           SF.p.324
  June         .00 $100,000 , con tributed to Fianna Fail by the IRISH PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY ,                  
                   was deposited in the leader's account during 1986 , BUT in the SAME PERIOD $75,000 was apparently 
                   transferred out of the leader's account to another account used to pay Haughey's domestic bills. 
                   One might reasonably wonder whether this was a LEGITIMATE use of that account?         SF.p.455
               .00 £186,630 was given to Traynor by Noel Fox { auditor to DUNNES STORES }, while the other , for                                               
                   £205,000 was made payable to John Furze , a director of the ANSBACHER CAYMAN BANK.
                   ...The following July Dunne was again approached through Fox , and he provided a cheque for £471,000
                   and another £150,000 in April 1989.  Thus in two years Haughey received over £1.1 million from Dunne.

                    ...........Jim Mitchell the Chairman of the Dail public accounts committee , subsequently contended
                   that the ANSBACHER CAYMAN accounts were used to launder money......                        SF.p.325
  January      .20 On 20th January 1987 , when Garret Fitzgerald resigned  and called a general election ,Haughey 
                   owed GUINNESS & MAHON Bank £280,000.
                   ...As the general-election campaign got under way , six cheques from Dunnes Stores ,totalling £32,000,
                   were lodged at GUINNESS & MAHON for Haughey's benefit.                                       SF.p.315
  March        .10 
Mr Ray McSharry replaced Mr Michael Smurfit as Chairmen of TELECOM EIREANN , the (then) State-Owned phone monopoly in Eire , when Mr Smurfit was forced to resign over a TELECOM EIREANN property transaction involving OFFSHORE companies...
Mr Ray McSharry
 On Tuesday the 10th of March 1987 , Mr Charles J Haughey is elected Prime Minister of Eire.
 Haughey appointed .......The other mini sters were Ray McSharry , Finance and Public Service ;
 ... Michael  Woods ,Social Welfare ; Albert Reynolds , Industry and Commerce ; Ray Burke ,Energy ;
 ....Padraig Flynn ,Environment ; B Ahern , Labour ; Rory O'Hanlon , Health ;......................
 ..... andJohn Murray replaced the Attorney General , Patrick Connolly in 1982 after the double-murderer , Malcolm McArthur , was found in hiding in the Attorney-General's flat in Dalkey... John ( Loyola )Murray ,  Attorney-General               SF.p.321

In 1988 Mr John  Henry GUINNESS was Chairman of 
               .xx In 1988 , John Henry Guinness was still Chairman of GUINNESS & MAHON LTD bank :
                                                                       17 College Green , 
                                                                       Dublin 2 , 
                                                                       Tel : 796 944 
                                                                       Tx : 93667
                   He was also still Chairman of ERIN EXECUTOR & TRUSTEE CO.(IRELAND) LTD.,and still a director of
                   EDENDERRY SHOE CO. LTD.                                            
                   A new directorship was HEITON HOLDINGS LTD :
                                          Naas Road ,  
                                          Dublin 22 ,
                                          Tel : 591 000 ,
                                          Tx : 31058 ,
                                          Fax :  593 696
                   whose Board of Directors included Niall Vincent Gabriel Carroll ( a director of ACT NOMINEES LTD ,
                   shareholders in FITZPATRICK HOTELS LTD , Killiney ,Dublin where Mr Paul Warnock , accountant ,
                   worked ; at the time (when)he bought 48 Dollymount Park , Clontarf ,Dublin 3( July of 1998 ) ), 
                   is a director at this time ; as is Mr Leo James Martin , director of MASSER REFRIGERATION LTD
                   and director of STRONGBOW TRUST aka SMURFIT FINANCE LTD.                    DoD1988.VI.471,VII.442
               .xx In 1988 , Timothy Whitmore Newton GUINNESS was a non-executive director of GUINNESS  MAHON & CO. LTD
               .xx In 1988 , William Loel Seymour GUINNESS was a director of :
                                                                       HENRY ANSBACHER HOLDINGS PLC ,

                                                                       1 Mitre Square , 
                                                                       London EC3A 5AN , 
                                                                       Tel : 283 2500 
                                                                       Tx : 884580
                                                                       DoD1988.VI.471,Companies Section.23

In 1989 an AUDIT carried out at 
EXPOSED the fact that 35% of the Bank' liabilities were in the form of...


               .00 In 1989 an Audit carried out at GUINNESS & MAHON LTD bank showed that 35% of the banks liabilities                   
                   were in the form of ANSBACHER Bank deposits...
  June         .00 The IRISH PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY made further con tributions of $10,000 to Haughey's                 
                   personal political fund and $20,000 to help defray the cost of Brian Lenihan's liver transplant at the 
                   Mayo clinic in the United States in June 1989 , BUT those two cheques were ' inadvertently' lodged in 
                   the account of Celtic Helicopters.
                   What happened to the $30,000 contributed by the IRISH PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY in June 1989
                   is a matter which has YET TO BE RESOLVED....... 
                   A con siderable amount of money collected on Lenihan's behalf in 1989 was deposited  in the
                   leader's account.                                                                    SF.p.455
                   Lenihan's widow , Anne , told the Moriarty Tribunal in October 1999 that the only cash her family 
                   received was $200 that HAUGHEY'S driver delivered as Brian was about to go to the United States for
                   the operation.
                   In total ,$188,000 was paid into the party leader's account around the time of the appeals for funds for 
                   Lenihan's operation in 1989...
                   How much was collected for Lenihan and what happened to it ALL are questions that remain to be answered.
                   Many other questions REMAIN UNANSWERED about the handling of the party leader's account.

                   The party leader's account was also used to pay two bills totalling $15,832 for Charvet shirts 
                   from Paris and $15,084.44 to Le coq hardi restaurant in Dublin , where Haughey and Terry Keane 
                   had MANY intimate dinners , according to Keane.                                    SF.p.457
                   {Ms Keane is the wife of the Supreme Court Judge,Mr Ronan Keane;who was appointed by Mr Charles Haughey}
  June         .15 On the 15th of June 1989 , a General Election takes place in Eire.
  July         .12 On Wednesday , the 12th July 1989 ,  Mr Charles Haughey is made Prime Minister of Eire.                  
                   He forms a coalition Government , in alliance with the Progressive Democrats. 
                   Haughey re-appointed half the outgoing cabinet to the same positions : ( Albert ) Reynolds at 
                   Finance , ( B ) Ahern at Labour , (Padraig) Flynn at Environment ,  ( Rory ) O' Hanlon at Health ,
                   (  Michael ) Woods at Social Welfare ... ..; John ( Loyola )Murray was re-appointed Attorney-General
                    ......Justice by Ray Burke.....                                                            SF.p.363 

                   A British-based property developer has stated publicly that he had given £50,000 to Padraig Flynn for
                   Fianna Fail in 1989.  These issues which are still being debated by one tribunal or another  , STILL 
                   remain to be explained...
                      { NOTE :  The present leader of the Progressive Democrats is Ms Mary Harney who formed a
                                coalition government with Mr Charles Haughey's preferred successor , Mr B Ahern ,
                                leader of Fianna fail , in June 1997.   The same ambitious Ms Harney also set-up the  
                                INVESTIGATION into the so-called ANSBACHER DEPOSITS...in 1998This investigation
                                was firmly under her political control as was the INSPECTION into IRISH LIFE PLC , 
                                set-up by Ms Harney in July 1998 - to inspect the company's sales-practises regarding
                                " churning " - which cost IRISH LIFE PLC customers millions of pounds. The same 
                                Ms Harney also set-up an INSPECTION into NATIONAL IRISH BANK in March 1998 to
                                ' inspect ' evidence of the FALSIFICATION of customer accounts , forgery of
                                customer account statement , misappropriation of customer's money , the operation
                                of the Bank's own proprietary Bond scheme (CMI investment bonds )with the intention
                                of defrauding..., overcharging and Interest Loading ,...
                                This ANSBACHER DEPOSIT INVESTIGATION and the INQUIRIES into NATIONAL IRISH BANK and 
                                IRISH LIFE PLC ( which is now IRISH LIFE & PERMANENT PLC , bankers - since the 
                                so-called ' merger ' on the 21st April 1999 ) are very different from the other
                                Tribunal's of Inquiry set-up in 1997/1998( McCracken , Moriarty and FLOOD )insofar 
                                as the Tribunal Inquiries are under Judicial control , whereas the BANK  
                                INVESTIGATION/INSPECTIONS are under POLITICAL con trol...                         }
Feburary .05

On the 5th of Feburary 1990 , a DEBENTURECharge was created over ALL THE ASSETS of 
and the OWNERS of the said DEBENTURECharge were...



 Feburary   .05 A DEBENTURE Charge due to GUINNESS & MAHON LTD , bankers , was created on Monday ,                
                the 5th of Feburary 1990 by
                    ........................ G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD ...........................

                    Under section  (4) of the Debenture : -
                                                              Short particulars of the property charged :
                        The following premises were specifically referred to : -

                       ' ALL THAT AND THOSE the premises described in an Indenture of Lease dated the 15th day of 
                        December 1989 and made between the Right Honourable The Lord Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses
                        of Dublin of the One Part and the Company of the Other Part and therein described as :  

                       ALL THAT AND THOSE part of the ESTATE OF THE CORPORATION being plot of ground situate at
                       Coolock Industrial Estate in the County of Dublin as more particularly delineated
                       on the Map annexed hereto and thereon coloured pink and surrounded by a red verge line. "
                       Under section (3) of the Debenture :-
                                                               Names , addressesand occupations of the persons 
                                                               entitled to the charge.
17 College Green , Dublin
                       The person who applied to have the Debenture registered was Richard J. Black ,solicitor , of 
                                Richard J. Black & Co. , solicitors ,(of GUINNESS & MAHON LTD )
                                Kinnear Court ,
                                16 / 20 Cumberland Street , South ,
                                Dublin 2                                                                   SF.p.450
  June         .27
Mr Padraig Flynn
Minister for the Environment , Padraig Flynn under Mr Charles Haughey - FF - later accused of accepting $50,000 from a builder also resigned from EUROPEAN COMMISSION amid allegations of CORRUPTION...
On Wednesday , 27th June 1990 , the DERELICT SITES ACT , 1990 ( No. 14 of 1990 ) brought
in by Mr Charles Haughey's new Minister for the Environment , Mr Padraig Flynn becomes law.........
  July         .25 On the 25th of July 1990 , Mr. Padraig Flynn ( Fianna Fail member of Parliament in the Fianna Fail/
                   Progressive Democrat Government " led " by Mr. Charles Haughey )as acting Minister for the Environment,
                   signed the DERELICT SITES REGULATIONS.   [ S.I. 192 of 1990 ]   { S.I. is STATUTORY INSTRUMENT }
                   { Mr. Flynn later resigned from the European Commission amidst allegations of corruption...and also,
                   in January 1999, there were other allegations - which Mr. P. Flynn denied - that he had received money 
                   $50,000 for Planning favours..}
 October           In October 1991, the Government "...led " by Mr. Charles Haughey "won" a vote of no confidence(84 to 81);
                   the motion of "no con fidence" had been introduced following a series of financial scandals involving
                   public officials - resulting in the resignation of 5 senior executives of "STATE-OWNED" AND  
                   STATE-SUBSIDIZED "enterprises..
                   {The Government's narrow victory was bought with the support of the Progressive Democrats following a 
                     ... ' secret 'agreement...}
 December      .04 On the 4th of December 1991 , Mr. Rory O'Hanlon(Fianna Fail member of Parliament in the Fianna Fail/ 
                   Progressive Democrat Government "led" by Mr. Charles Haughey )the "new " Minister for the Environment  
                   , signed the BUILDING CONTROL REGULATIONS   [ S.I. 305 of 1991 ], which , under Part 1, Section 4(a) 
  Feburary     .00 Mr Charles Haughey was forced to resign in Feburary 1992 after journalists phones were bugged.
                   In January 1992 ,Mr. Sean Doherty , former Minister for Justice charged Mr.Charles Haughey with being 
                   aware of the secret tapping of the telephone conversations of two journalists , in 1982 ,who were 
                   critical of Mr. Haughey's government..........the Progressive Democrats then demanded Mr. Haughey's 
                   resignation. He was replaced as Prime Minister by Mr Albert Reynolds after Mr Charles Haughey's 
               preferred choice as successor , Mr B. Ahern withdrew from the so-called leadership battle.
 April         .00 Mr. Phelim Meade , solicitor and partner(retired in DOWLING KILPATRICK , solicitors of 34 KILDARE STREET,
                   Dublin 1 ,and Trustee of the ROBB ESTATE , of :
                                                      2B Eagle Tower , The Promenade , 
                                                      Port Erin ,
                                                      Isle of Man ,
                                                      Tel : 836 330
                   the successors in TITLE to George Gresham's interest in 373 CLONTARF ROAD
                   ; through an INDENTURE OF ASSENT vests all the ESTATE and INTEREST of John Margaret Robb and Susan 
                   Moira Shaw in BOTH himself , Phelim Meade, and a certain Mr William John McCourt ,accountant , of  
                   Castlerock , Londonderry , Northern Ireland.
                   { A "compensation payment" was later paid out to Mr. Meade in early 1998 by DUBLIN CORPORATION for his
                   and fellow ROBB ESTATE Trustee , accountant  Mr William John McCourt's ,"interest" in ...
                   373 CLONTARF ROAD  }.
  September    .10 On the 10th of September 1992 , a VESTING ORDER ,made under the  DERELICT SITES ACT
               ,1990 was placed on 373 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3
                   Mr. Michael Smith(Fianna Fail member of Parliament in the Fianna Fail/Progressive
                   Democrat Government "led" by Mr. Albert Reynolds ) ,the new Minister for the Environment ,gave his 
                   "consent" to the compulsorily acquisition of the land  :
                   - owned by the late Margaret Murphy , 
                   whose single storey structurally-sound cottage was demolished by the DUBLIN CORPORATION in
                   April 1982.
                    { NOTE : This unnecessary demolition occured shortly after Mr Charles Haughey was made 
                             Prime Minister of Eire , and his appointment of Mr Raphael Burke as his Minister for                    
                             the Environment.  }
                   The INSTRUMENT NO. (through which 373 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 was VESTED in the CORPORATION
                   of DUBLIN  in the LAND REGISTRY in NASSAU STREET , DUBLIN 2 , on the 21st OCTOBER 1992 ) is
                   Miss Mary Harney was a JUNIOR Minister in the Department of the Environment under Mr Padraig
                   FLYNN at this time...
  October          Mr Albert Reynolds , Fianna Fail Leader , while giving testimony( 1 sheet-man )to the Beef Tribunal   
                   accuses, Mr Desmond O'Malley ,Progressive Democrat Leader ,of dishonesty.

 November      .25 A General Election is held ; after the Progressive Democrats withdraw from government when   
                   Mr Albert Reynolds ,refuses to withdraw his accusation against O'Malley.
                   (following which ,the government is defeated in a motion of 'no confidence'..... )
 December      .00 Exchange controls are abolished in Eire.   Mr B. Ahern is the Minister for Finance.
 January       .12 A new Fianna Fail and Labour coalition government takes office !
                   { A newly-created Department of Enterprise and Employment is formed...See Mr Patrick Neil }
  Feburary     .00 In Feburary of 1993 , Mr Ray McSharry was made a director of the JEFFESON SMURFIT GROUP PLC.
  March        .11 The INSTRUMENT NO. , through which 373 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 was REGISTERED with ABSOLUTE TITLE 
                   in the NAME of the CORPORATION of DUBLIN  in the LAND REGISTRY in NASSAU STREET , DUBLIN 2
                   is 93DN022297 - on the 11th of March 1993
  June         .30 
Mr Michael Smith , yes Minister for the Environment under Mr. al BERT Reynolds - FF
On the 30th of June 1993 , Mr. Michael Smith(Fianna Fail member of Parliament in the Fianna Fail/              
Progressive Government "led" by Mr Albert Reynolds - later ' made ' a director of JEFFERSON
SMURFIT GROUP PLC in Feburary 1996 ),the Minister for the Environment,signed the LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT1991(REMOVAL OF CONTROL) REGULATIONS , 1993 , [ S.I. 172 of 1993 ] , removing the requirement ,
of LANDS ACQUIRED UNDER the DERELICT SITES ACT of 27th June 1990(No. 14).
  July         .13 On the 13th of July 1993 , GUINNESS & MAHON LTD bank was , according to the Annual Return of
                   G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD for the financial year ended 30th September 1992 , a creditor of
                   the said company in the amount of $200,881.00.
  November     .29 On the 29th of November 1993 , Mr. Brian O'Meara takes a 6 month Lease on the first-floor flat  at 372
                   Clontarf Road , Dublin 3.
                    { According to Thoms Street Directory for Dublin 1997 , Mr. Brian O'Meara is the owner/occupier of 372A                  
                      Clontarf Road , Dublin 3.............
                      In the same Directory, he( Brian O'Mara ) is listed as joint resident of :  15 CHURCH STREET ,                   
                                                                                                  HOWTH ,
                                                                                                  Co. Dublin  ,
               .00 The IRISH PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY was originally established as a mutual building society in 1884.
                   In 1994 it converted from Building Society status to a Public Limited Company and was licensed by the
                   Central Bank of Ireland to carry on banking business...
                       { NOTE : Mr B Ahern was Minister for Finance under Prime Minster , Mr Al Bert Reynolds. }
  August       .31 On the 31st. of August 1994   , Irish Permanent plc bought  :

                            Guinness & Mahon Limited , formerly of
                            17 College Green ,
                            Dublin 2., for


                            { The new address of  GUINNESS & MAHON(IRELAND)LTD , is  :

                            4 Earlsfort Terrace  ,
                            Dublin  2     ,
                            Tel  : 709 5200  ,
                            Fax  : 707 5242   ,
                            Web  : http://www.gmbank.ie  
                            Telex: 93667 Mars

                   This included a “goodwill” payment of £ 1,400,000.00 - although the company had posted a loss
                   of  £ 192,000.00 for the year to 31st.December 1994 and a loss of £ 106,000.00 for the 
                   year to 31st. of December 1993 !
                   On the SAME day the Company name was changed to GUINNESS & MAHON(IRELAND) LTD.

                   KPMG Stokes Kennedy Crowley , accountants ,  are the auditors of GUINNESS & MAHON BANK LTD

                   {  In the Times (newspaper) index for 1994 there is NO ENTRY for this acquisition of GUINNESS 
                      & MAHON bank …         }

  October      .00 The ORDINARY shares of Irish Permanent plc  were listed on the Dublin and the London Stock Exchanges.
                        {   GUINNESS & MAHON(IRELAND) LTD , now a subsidiary of Irish Permanent PLC  hold a 
                            DEBENTURE CHARGE over all the capital and assetts of G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED
                            (the DUBLIN CORPORATION's favoured developers of 373 Clontarf Road ) since the 5th of 
                             Feburary 1990.....    }

                            Irish Permanent IOM is an offshore deposit taker in the Isle of Man.
 November      .00 Fianna Fail tries to force through the appointment of their Attorney-General , Harry Whelehan , to 
                   the Presidency of the High Court.   The Labour Party whose specific objection to Whelehan's
                   appointment was based on his alleged obstruction , as Attorney-General , of the processing of an
                   extradition warrant for a Roman Catholic priest sought by the authorities in Northern Ireland on
                   charges of the sexual abuse of children. It was alleged by the Labour Party that the transfer             
                   of Whelehan to the Presidency of the High Court was 'intended by Fianna Fail to protect him from
                   public accountability for his conduct as Attorney-General.
 November      .17 The government resigns after Labour, under Dick Spring withdraws from the coalition. 


 November      .19 Mr Albert Reynolds resigns from the FF leadership , and is succeeded by his Minister for Finance, 
                   Mr. B. Ahern.  
                   Mr Harry Whelehan resigns as President of the High Court.
 December      .15 A new coalition government headed by John Bruton is formed between Fianna Gael and Labour.
  June         .28 On the 28th of June 1995 , a TERM LOAN was due to the...BANK... , according to the Annual Return of
                   G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD for the TWO financial years ending on the 30th September 1994 , 
                   in the amount of $241,280.00.
  Feburary     .00 In Feburary of 1996 , Mr Albert Reynolds was made a director of the JEFFESON SMURFIT GROUP PLC.
  June         .06 A General Election is called by John Bruton.
  June         .26 On the 26th of June 1997 , Mr. B. Ahern forms a new administration with the assistance of the
                    Progressive Democrats , under Miss Mary Harney, and 4 ' independents '.
 August        .00 The McCracken Triunal of Inquiry reports that IR1.3 million punts of "political donations"  was  
                   paid to Mr Charles Haughey.

 August        .14 On the 14th of August 1997 , No 372 CLONTARF ROAD, Dublin 3 is FINALLY REGISTERED IN THE LAND REGISTRY 
                   under it's newly-appointed registrar Mr. O 'Neill [ INSTRUMENT NO : 92DN07083. ] 
                     { The application for registration had been submitted in 1992 by Mr John O'Connor,solicitor }

September  .264

The  Moriarty Tribunal of Inquiry   is established to inquire into corrupt payments
to Mr Charles Haughey lawyer & politician...

 October       .06 No. 372A CLONTARF ROAD , DUBLIN 3 "COLLAPSES" according to Mr. ALAN COSTELLO(shareholder and
                   director of G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LTD : the company chosen by the DUBLIN CORPORATION , 
                   in secret and WITHOUT PUBLIC TENDER to develop their site at 373 CLONTARF ROAD ; which 
                   they had vested in themselves on the 21st October 1992.., under an Act brought in by 
                   Mr Charles Haughey and Mr Padraig Flynn in 1990.
 October       .07 On Tuesday , the 7th of October 1997 , the day after the "COLLAPSEMr Raphael Burke resigns
                   as Mr. B. Ahern's Minister for Foreign Affairs over allegations of political favours granted  
                   in return for financial 'gifts...' (received in 1989)and the improper sale of Irish passports to 
                   Saudai Arabian 'business ' executives.
                                                                                         DoD1988.VI.471,Companies Section.23
November  .044

The  FLOOD Tribunal of Inquiry   is established to inquire into corrupt payments
to certain politicians...
November  .054
Following a meeting on the site of 372/373 CLONTRF ROAD , Dublin 3 between SHANE O'NEILL , architect  
AND, F.D. BREITENSTEIN , architect of the proposed replacement townhouse for 372A Clontarf Road
for the then owner of 372 CLontarf Road - a  NEW DRAINAGE SCHEME was agreed.
The said meeting was arranged by  Mr H. J. Roundtree, solicitor ,' ostensibly ' acting in the interests 
of the then owner of 372 Clontarf Road. Both Mr Breitenstein's and Mr Roundtree's 'EXPENSES' were
' taken care of ' by Mr Alan Costello - Director/Shareholder of G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED.   
Mr Shane O'Neill , architect , promised to furnish Mr F.D. Breitenstein with Plans and/Drawings of 
the proposed NEW DRAINAGE SCHEME for the BOUNDARY between 372 and 373 Clontarf Road.
Mr Breitenstein later claimed that he NEVER RECEIVED any PLANS for the NEW DRAINAGE SCHEME from
Mr Shane O'Neill.

  June         .07 On the 7th of June 1998 , the advice of the Garda Commissioner was sought regarding possible
                   breaches of Exchange Control Regulations by certain Banks and the breaching of guidelines set
                   by the Central bank of Eire "...most noticably by GUINNESS & MAHON(IRELAND) LTD bank..."  

  December     .00 The 'Special' Share retained by the new MINISTER FOR FINANCE in Irish Life PLC is 'CANCELLED' in 
                   December 1998.
 December      .01 TWO unmarked garda cars containing plain-clothes detectives rush to 372 ClONTARF ROAD , DUBLIN 3 
                   in resonse to a call from Mr. ALAN COSTELLO ,ex-detective and second-hand car salesman.
                   They force entry to the 1st-Floor-Flat of 372 Clontarf Road under instructions from the Detective  
                   in charge - Detective Joseph Enright , of Clontarf Garda Station.   They then assault , detain
                   interrogate and ILLEGALLY arrest the owner of 372 Clontarf Road - Detective Joseph Enright receiving  
                   a phone call from Mr Alan Costello during the interrogation of the owner.   Detective David Gallagher   
                   hit the owner of 372 Clontarf Road over the head with a heavy torch while the owner's hands were
                   tied behind his back - and he was unable to defend himself.                   
                   The owner was taken to Clontarf Police Station with a cut to his head(which was still bleeding)
                   where he was questioned again ; in the course of the questioning and accusations of
                   damaging Mr Alan Costello's cars he was warned that should he fail to sell his property to
                   the Dublin Corporation's favoured Developers G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED 
                   then the health of his family might ' suffer '...
                   The owner of 372 Clontarf Road was seen by a doctor who examined the cut and recommended that 
                   the cut be treated in hospital. Garda Curtis , who was the Station duty Office on the day REFUSED 
                   the doctor's request.
                   The owner of 372 Clontarf Road was taken to the Bridewell Station underneath the Four Courts and 
                   detained overnight - appearing the next day , 2nd of December 1998 before Judge Miriam Malone -
                   who remanded the owner in custody - as she(Judge Malone) refused the bail offered by the owner's
                   sister in Belfast,( claiming that it was outside the State's jurisdiction ).

                   The owner spent the following week in Mountjoy Prison before being granted bail. The judge appointed
                   a Miss Jenny McGeever , of TERENCE LYONS & CO. , solicitors , as public defender for the owner and
                   Ms McGeever made no objection when Detective Joseph Enright ask for time to prepare a ' BOOK OF
                   EVIDENCE ' against the owner of 372 Clontarf Road - as he claimed that  Detective David Gallagher
                   had sustained a broken arm while forcing entry to the 1st-Floor Flat of 372 Clontarf Road on Tuesday,             
                   the 1st of December 1998 at 1:00 p.m. approx.   The medical report furnished to
                   TERENCE LYONS & CO. , solicitors only contained a reference to a slight fracture to a finger -              
                   which had been injured before.  The case was remanded several more times in the CRIMINAL COURTS of             
                   Mr B. Ahern's Eire( it ran parallel to/with the FLOOD and MORIARTY ' Inquiries ' into political 
                   corruption in connection with Planning Applications and Land rezonings in Eire
                   during Mr Charles Haughey's tenure and indeed right up to Mr B. Ahern's succession ,
                   to Mr Haughey's crown( of corruption...!!!??? )
                   It is certainly beyond any doubt whatsoever that spivs , thugs , and criminals of the lowest order
                   have complete freedom to operate within Mr B. Ahern's Eire - especially within his                
                   ' security forces...'( a fine body of thugs to call upon when the need arises... ).

                   The case was finally heard before Judge Timothy Halpin Crowley who is a brother of the Governor of
                   the Bank of Ireland( who happens to be a Director of P. J. CARROLLS PLC - which is quite' close to '
                   Mr John Flynn's offices ).                      

                   { NOTE : During the numerous ' remands ' of the case - to which Ms Jenny McGeever made no objection    
                            whatsoever , the same Ms McGeever was ' pro moted ' to the Circuit Court during the case  
                          and so told the then owner of 372 Clontarf Road that she was no longer 'defending '
                            him and that the so-called ' defense ' was to be assigned to Mr Patrick Neil.                          
                            Later , the file in the case went missing - and around the same time Mr Patrick Neil
                            left TERENCE LYONS & CO. , solicitors , and went to work for Miss Mary Harney in the
                            the Department of Enterprise & Employment.           }
Missy Mary Harney
The Vice-Prime Minister
under Mr B. Ahern
{ NOTE : During the numerous ' remands ' of the case - to which Ms Jenny McGeever made no objection      
         whatsoever , the same Ms McGeever was ' pro moted ' to the Circuit Court during the case
         and so told the then owner of 372 Clontarf Road that she was no longer 'defending '
         him and that the so-called ' defense ' was to be assigned to Mr Patrick Neil.
         Later , the file in the case went missing - and around the same time  Mr Patrick Neil   
         left TERENCE LYONS & CO. , solicitors , and went to work for Miss Mary Harney in the
         the Department of Enterprise & Employment.   }   
  December     .00 A tax-liability on some IR$2.0 million punts of "personal financial 'gifts'" to
                   Mr Charles Haughey levied by the Revenue Commissioners was 'cancelled' by the Appeals Commissioner,
                   Mr.Ronan O'Kelly - a brother-in-law of the new Prime Minister, Mr. B. Ahern...
  December     .31 On the 31st December 1998 , the banking business of GUINNESS MAHON & COMPANY LTD in the U.K. was
                   acquired by INVESTEC BANK(UK) LIMITED...
                      { ...some 30 days after the ILLEGAL FORCED-ENTRY , ASSAULT and DETENTION INTERROGATION and
                          ARREST(1/12/1998) of the OWNER of 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3...by associates of
                          ex-detective/used-car dealer Mr Alan Costello( director/shareholder of the DUBLIN
                          CORPORATION's favoured developer G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED ), within the police force
                          in Dublin.                                                                       }

                      { NOTE: Learn about INVESTEC BANK's ass istance to the MORIARTY TRI BUNAL ( Link ) }

  April        .21 On the 21st of April 1999 , IRISH LIFE PLC merged into IRISH PERMANENT PLC becoming  :

                                               IRISH LIFE & PERMANENT PLC

                    ; IRISH LIFE PLC in the process becoming , effectively ...a SUBSIDIARY of the new entity...
  April        .21 The Irish Life & Permanent group was created out of the merger of Irish Life PLC and Irish Permanent.
                   The merger brought together the LARGEST Life Assurer and the LARGEST Mortgage LENDER in the
                   Irish market with  both companies having market shares in excess of 20% in their respective markets.

                   The address of  IRISH LIFE & PERMANENT PLC   , is :

                                             Irish Life Centre  ,
                                             Lr. Abbey Street  ,
                                             Dublin 1 ,
                                             Tel   :   704 2000 and 661 5577  ,
                                             Fax   :   704 1908 and 661 5828  ,
                                             Web   :   http://www.irishlifepermanent.ie   


                                             Group Treasury ,
                                             Custom House Plaza 4 ,
                                             International Financial Services Centre  ,
                                             Dublin 1  ,

                  {  The group had total assets of 31 BILLION at December 31st 2000 and shareholders' equity of 
                     2 BILLION.   The group is strongly capitalised with both its capital adequacy and solvency 
                     ratios substantially in excess of regulatory requirement ...  }
   April       .00 Mr John Loyola Murray is appointed to the Supreme Court of Eire by a furtive-looking  Mr B. Ahern.

               .xx { NOTE : BANK OF IRELAND ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD are the major shareholders (5.8%) in 
                            IRISH LIFE & PERMANENT PLC     }
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