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   Below can be seen Mr Charles Haughey's Attorney-General , Mr John Murray ( standing , 6th from the left ).   Mr Justice Liam
 Hamilton can also be seen ( standing , 3rd from left). 
 Mr Hamilton was appointed by Mr Charles Haughey to con duct an Inquiry  into the beef industry several years later - the so-called 
 BEEF TRIBUNAL of Inquiry.
     January               .28 



 The document ( below ) formed part of an agreement for letting the ground-floor shop at 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 to a certain
 Mr Lonan Hickey , carpet-seller(????...) , with an address at :
                                                                                       11 Church Avenue , Drum condra , Dublin ? 
 on the 10th of September 1992 - the same day that a VESTING ORDER was placed on 373Clontarf Road , Dublin 3
 Mr Lonan Hickey left in Feburary/March of 1993 ...owing several weeks rent claiming that hisaccountantbackers had
 withdrawn their support for his...car pet...business.   He became impossible to contact and disappeared from his usual
 public house hangouts in DRUMCONDRA...
 Mr Alan Costello , ex-detective/used-car dealer( also a director of G. SAUNDERS & COMPANY LIMITED ) then arrived
 on the  scene...approaching Mr John O'Connor , solicitor , with the intention of getting his hands on 
 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3
September .10



Mr Gerry Hickey


 In the listing ( below ) from the Dublin street  Directory for 1992 , it can be seen that the same Mr Lonan Hickey who signed the 
 AGREEMENT  dated the 10th of September 1992 for the Lease of the ground-floor shop at 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 , is
 listed as the occupier of no. 11 Church Avenue , Drumcondra , Dublin 9 - only 7 doors down-the-road from Julia Ahern at 
 no. 25 Church Avenue ...on the odd-number side...


       Noel Ahern F.F.

    November           .29  On the 29th of November 1993 , Mr. Brian O'Meara takes a 6 month Lease on the first-floor flat  at 372
 Clontarf Road, Dublin 3.

 { According to Thoms Street Directory for Dublin 1997 , Mr. Brian O'Meara is the owner/occupier of 
   372A Clontarf Road , Dublin 3.............
   In the same Directory, he( Brian O'Mara ) is listed as joint resident of :  15 CHURCH STREET ,
                                                                                                                   HOWTH ,
                                                                                                                  Co. Dublin  , 
   along with , Bernard McKenna AND HELEN AHERN............ 


    May                    .06 
    August                 .27  By letter dated the  27th of August 1996 , from H. J. Roundtree , solicitor , Mr. Brian O'Meara is served 
 with  a  Notice to Quit the 1st-Floor Flat at 372 Clontarf Road , Dublin 3 , after his behaviour towards the
 landlord , Mr Rory Maguire became aggressive and threatening , because of the landlord's refusal to meet with
 Mr O'Meara's 'friends ...'  to discuss some unspecified business , and also because the landlord refused to 
 allow Mr O'Meara to have the Social Welfare department pay the rent on his behalf...
 Mr O' Meara claimed to know some ' ...bird... ' in the Social Welfare department who could get his rent paid! 





 A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less 
 formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly
 whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor ; he 
 speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the 
 hearts of all men. Herots the soul of a nation, he works secretlyand unknown in the night toundermine the pillars of the 
 city, he infectsthe body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

 - Marcus Tullius Cicero, 42 B.C





                                 THE  IRISH  TIMES ,  Wednesday                                     June  10 1999
     June                    .10
   Two  Aherns and an odd denial in the Burke affair
                                                                                                                                                              Vincent Browne

 Last Wednesday , Dermot Ahern , the Minister for Social , Community and Family Affairs , made a startling revelation , which
 has been largely ignored.    The revelation concerned his ' investigations ' into rumours surrounding Ray Burke before the formation 
 of the Cabinet a year ago.   Speaking from what he said were  " contemporaneous notes " of meetings he had last June , Mr Ahern
 recalled how on June 24th  -  two days before the Cabinet was formed  -  he had travelled to London at the request of his party
 leader to interview Mr Joseph Murphy  jnr of the construction and engineering company , JMSE.
 He said he had told Mr Murphy how Bertie Ahern had been questioned about rumours of Mr Burke receiving a large 
 donation from JMSE , and that he ( Mr Ahern ) had  " responded by stating he had spoken to Mr Burke on a number of occasions
 regarding the persistent rumours and that ,  Mr Burke categorically denied there was any truth in them ".

 Mr Ahern went on to quote further from these notes about that meeting with Mr Murphy and a subsequent meeting.  He said
 " full details of these contemporaneous notes have been given to the planning tribunal ". 
 Mr Ahern went on to say in the Dail debate :
 " To the best of my knowledge , at the time of the appointment of Mr Burke , the Taoiseach , having made all the inquiries he 
 could reasonably have made , had discoverednoproof that any payments , improper or otherwise , had been made to 
 Mr Burke "

 As far as I am aware , this is the first time that any of Mr Burke's former Cabinet colleagues has claimed that he had " categorically
 denied " that there was any truth to the rumours concerning his receipt of substantial-payments from JMSE.
 It is also the first time that any close colleague of the Taoiseachhas said that at the time of Mr Burke's appointment to the Cabinet
 there was no proof of any payments , " improper or otherwise " , having been made to Mr Burke.  Presumably , if there had been 
 proof that payments , "  improper or otherwise  " , had been made to Mr Burke he would not have been appointed.
         It is well known that Mary Harney was also concerned about the rumours surrounding Mr Burke before the formation of the 
 Cabinet last June.  It would be astonishing if the reassurances which Mr Dermot Ahern was able to give  Mr Murphy in London
 on June 24th ( that Mr Burke had denied the rumours about payments ) were not also conveyed to Ms Harney at the time.
 It would also be surprising if she had not been told of the absence of proof of any payments, " improper or otherwise " being
 made to Mr Burke.

 Let us REEL foreward to 11 weeks later , to September 10th , when Mr Burke , now Minister for Foreign Affairs addressed 
 the Dail by way of personal statement.
 The Minister opened his statement with the words : 
    " I have come here today to defend my personal integrity , the integrity of my party , of the Government and the honour
       of this House "

 He continued : 
   " The facts of the matter are that during the 1989 general election campaign I was visited in my home by Mr Michael
     Bailey of Bovale Developments Ltd and a Mr James Gogarty (of JMSE ).   Mr Gogarty told me  JMSE wished to
     make a political contribution to me and I received in good faith a sum of £30,000 as a totally unsolicited political 
     contribution. "

 If they had not already  known about this payment , the two Mr Aherns must surely have been dumbfounded by the revelation. 
 Mr Bertie Ahern , apparently , had questioned Mr Burke about the persistent rumours of such a payment, and  ,
  " Mr Burke categorically denied there was any truth in them "   Mr Dermot Ahern had believed to the best of his knowledge 
 that at the time of Mr Burke's appointment to the Cabinet 11 weeks earlier there was no proof of any  payments ,  " improper
 or otherwise " , being made to Mr. Burke.
 Ms Harney surely was quite shocked ?     After all , she had been told in June about  there being no proof of payments  " improper
 or otherwise " , and of Mr Burke's denials of  the rumours about the payments , wasn't she ? 
 Magnificently , all three disguised their inner turmoil in the ensuing Dail debate on the terms of reference for the new 
 Moriarty Tribunal
 It was the stout Ms Harney who formally proposed these terms of reference , which  EXCLUDED ANY INQUIRY into the
 £30,000 payment to Mr Burke.  *
 The Taoiseach spoke movingly of the need  "  to insist on the highest standards in public life "
 Mr Dermot Ahern expressed the sentiment :
  "  Honesty and integrity must be our core principles

 This means that any behaviour not in accordance with these principles must be exposed to public view.
 Even four weeks later the two Mr Aherns and Ms  Harney were still supremely in control of their trauma. Mr Burke resigned
 from the Cabinet and the Dail on October 10th and that afternoon Mr Bertie Ahern protested

  "   It is an indictment of those involved in forcing him to this pass.I have always found ( Ray Burke ) to be a proud
      honourable man , loyal , true , persevering , principled  , caring , and committed."

 Ms Harney spoke of her admiration for Mr Burke . Mr Dermot Ahern described John Bruton's expression of regret over the
 circumstances of Mr Burke's resignation as  " crocodile tears . "

 Now , what was going on here ?   Either Mr Burke denied receiving any payments or he didn't.

 If he did, why did the two Mr Aherns and Ms Harney stand by their man on September 10th  when he revealed he had lied to 
 If he did not deny these payments , what was Dermot Ahern on about in his contemporaneous notes?

 There are two other possibilities of course,
 (a) that the two Mr Ahernsdid not tell Ms Harney about Mr Burke's denials of receiving
 payments and of the absence of proof of any payments , " improper or otherwise "  or
 (b)  that Mr Dermot Ahern and his contemporaneous notes are all wrong.

 But it is hardly believable that the two Mr Aherns would not have told Ms Harney about the denials and of the absence of 
 proof , unless, of course she never raised the matter with them at all or did so in such a vague manner as not to require any specific
 explanation.    That is hardly believable , is it ?
 And as for the contemporaneous notes being wrong , well is it not a teeny bit curious that Mr Ahern would not have discovered that
 they were wrong , say last September , or some time between now and then  ?
 Would it not have occured to him to ask Bertie
 " What has been going on here ?   I thought Burke had denied all this about payments ," improper or otherwise
 And if Dermot and his contemporaneous notes were simply wrong , would Bertie not have told Dermot that 
 - at least , at the time that Dermot was transmitting these mistaken notes to the planning tribunal !

 Very strange !



TWO Aherns Article below ...odd denial in the Burke affair... 
     June                    .10 
     June                    .12
    September           .27
    September           .27
    September           .27


    October              .31

25 Church Avenue


     April                    .00


     April                  .05




 The appointment of John 'Loyola' Murray(below) to the Supreme/Supine  Court of Eire , in April of 1999 by Mr B. Ahern to
 replace the ( formerly?..) Honourable Mr Justice Liam O'Flaherty(who ' retired ' with a nice payoff ), has curious echoes of the
 Malcolm McArthur affair during Mr Charles Haughey tenancy of the Duke of Leinster's townhouse in Kildare Street in
 1982... the so-called  GUBUYEAR...
 { P.S. For reasons best known to Mr Ahern , the President ( $250,000 /year ) is only half-in the picture... }



 The " very hard to replace... " Mr B Ahern and his involvement in the early release of the architectPhilip Sheedy and his  knowledge
 of the secret payments to his former minister for Foreign Affairs , Mr Raphael Burke  and the alleged payment  of $50,000 to Mr
 Padraig Flynn...
    May                    .14


    June                    .18



 Mr B Ahern , as Minister for Finance in 1993 , shows his contempt for the CON STITUTION of Eire, by granting a
 ( quasi-judicial ?) amnesty for large-scale tax-evaders in 1993.   His evidence to the PUBLIC ACCOUNTS COMMITTEE about his 
 department's secret code-named investigations into these people ; in Mr Ahern's own words ...
 " the most politically sensitive investigations imaginable...";
 and the subsequent volte-face by Mr Ahern with his tax-amnesty for these very same people under investigation by HIS department 
 can only lead to one very obvious con clusion....
    October              .08

Mr Charles Haughey's

    December           .03 
    June                    .24
    June                    .28 
    June                    .28 
    June                    .28
   June                     .28 
    June                    .28
    June                    .28
    June                    .28 



 There are many , many , many , more  rotten apples in Mr B Ahern's govt. - not least himself - and when technology has advanced
 to a  sufficient degree they will be exposed for what they really are and for ALL the WORLD  to see...
 The cloak of the never-ending ' piece-process ' will not be sufficient to cover-up  the criminal activities of his (so-called) ,
  coalition government....( of the crooks, by thecrooksand for thecrooks...) 
    June                    .28 
    June                    .29
    June                    .30 
   June                     .30 
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