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Chronology of Mr Michael SMURFIT's 'donations' to Mr Charles Haughey & Fianna Fail


  May          .26 Debit , sterling ,( $52,215. -odd )to the Jefferson Smurfit Foundation Trustees Account, 
                   Allied Irish Bank PLC ,Channel Islands.
                      { NOTE 1: BANK OF IRELAND ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD are the major shareholders(6.04%) in 
                                Allied Irish Bank PLC.  }

  June         .14 Instruction to Allied Irish Bank PLC , Channel Islands from JEFFERSON SMURFIT GROUP PLC at Beechwood,
                   Clonskeagh ,Dublin ,to pay the sterling equivalent of IR$60,000 to GUINNESS MAHON CAYMAN TRUST
                   account at HENRY ANSBACHER ( the so-called ANSBACHER account - a deliberately(?) MISLEADING label... ),
                   - London - Account No. 190017202.
                      { NOTE 2: The director of the JEFFERSON SMURFIT GROUP PLC who signed the instruction letter ,
                                director David Austin is now dead.   Mr Austin was involved with OFFSHORE payments routed
                                to Mr Michael Lowry through the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
                                The unnamed employee whose manuscript writing appeared on the same instruction letter has
                                now left the JEFFERSON SMURFIT GROUP.             }
                  News Reports 1
  June         .15 On the 15th of June 1989 , a General Election takes place in Eire.  Mr Mark Kavanagh , a property
                   developer gives Mr Charles Haughey , a cheque for $25,000 and three bank drafts (drawn on Allied Irish
                   Irish Bank PLC ) for $25,000 each (payable to cash).
  June         .19 A routine meeting of the trustee company,that is the John Jefferson Smurfit Trust was held on
                   the 19th June 1989 to deal with this and other matters. A list of applications was put before the
                   meeting and from an extract copy of the records of the foundation , it would seem that this sum of 
                   $60,000 is referred to...
                   From the said extract:
                                        (1) This $60,000 is referred to as being attributable to Mr Des Traynor, and 
                                        (2) is described as a political contribution in view of the forthcoming election...
                                        (3) The reference number for this political contribution is 89/302  
                                            { same reference number on the computer printout for the relevant year end
                                               provided to the Tribunal by Dr. Smurfit }
  June         .19 A bank draft for $50,000 is issued by GUINNESS & MAHON Bank on the 19th of June 1989 paid for by two of                   
                   the three  drafts (drawn on Allied Irish Bank PLC ) given to Mr Charles Haughey by Mr Mark Kavanagh on 
                   the 15th of June 1989.   This $50,000 draft was used to cover the SMURFIT payment to Mr Charles
                   Haughey.   The remaining draft of $25,000 was lodged to an Amiens Securities account at GUINNESS & MAHON 
  June         .21 Dr. Smurfit confirmed that a member of his staff telephoned Mr. Traynor on the 21st June 1989 to con-
                   firm that a payment of Stg $52,215 had in fact been made.
  July         .03 A donation to the Fianna Fail party , described as " anonymous " ,was recorded by the then Fianna Fail 
                   Finance Officer , Mr Sean Fleming , as received on the 3rd July 1989. The donation reference number
                   4752 was later confirmed to counsel acting for the MORIARTY TRIBUNAL as referring to Mr Michael Smurfit.
                   The second list - obtained from Fianna Fail only after significant pressure from the Tribunal's legal
                   team - provided the conclusive proof as to the identity of " anonymous " donation reference number
  July         .xx In July of 1989 the John Jefferson Smurfit Monegasque Foundation , a Monegasque or Monaco
                   trust, was set-up to supersede the previous foundation , that is the...
                   John Jefferson Smurfit Trust...
                   The John Jefferson Smurfit Trust by whom the payment was , via the sterling debit ,
                   ( $52,215. -odd )to the Jefferson Smurfit Foundation Trustees Account on the 26th of
                    May 1989 , in fact made was originally set-up in Jersey in the Channel Islands and the sole trustee
                    of this foundation was a company incorporated in the Channel Islands.
                      { NOTE 3 : The same Jersey trust company was also the sole trustee of the new foundation. So, 
                                 both foundations , in two different jurisdictions ( Channel Islands and Monaco )
                                 shared the SAME Jersey SOLE TRUSTEE COMPANY...         }
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